knitting, reading and loving

these simple days,
we read, play, learn, bake and love.
pearl is already 2 1/2 months old and
i cannot
believe it.

i'm still knitting this vest,
and i am so so close to being finished.

i bought wildwood to read with the kids but
we had just begun reading watership down and no one wanted to stop,
and it had already been decided to read the hobbit next
because one of my three oldest (8 year old josiah) has not read it yet
and wants to read it before the movie comes out in december,
so i was just sitting there looking at wildwood,
thinking how long it would be until we got around to reading it,
and then the eldest, ian, picked it up and read it,
and once he finished i was looking at it again,
again thinking about how long it would be and so,
i just decided to read it myself.
and then i'll read it to the kids after the hobbit.

i have also been thumbing through taproot and
enjoying some of the pictures and articles.  i didn't subscribe,
but a beautiful friend sent me a copy after she read it,
and that was really,
a gift.

and so here we are,
loving these simple days,
creating and
just. being.

joining with ginny, yarning along


  1. I got wildwood for christmas! A SIGNED copy! :P
    apparently my sis knows the author...or the illustrator..something. I still haven't read it. Poor little WIldwood, everyone is ignoring it.

  2. Oooo...can't wait to check out Wildwood AND Taproot! :)

    Pearl is adorable...Phoebe will be 2 months on St. Patty's!! It sure does go fast!

    Your knitting is lovely! :)

  3. enjoy those 'simple' days of playing and reading! Such sweet photographs. Joining you today on the Yarn Along with Ginny.....

  4. Your vest looks beautiful. Lucky you to be reading through Taproot, I am waiting for my copy to arrive...

    Loving your pictures, your little one is adorable.

  5. oh my gosh your photos, your baby, so beautiful. i bought wildwood and loved it, for the sweet story and the amazing illustrations.