sometimes i write things that make such perfect sense
to my crazy little mind,
and based on people's responses i can tell
i must not have made much sense
because they're just not picking up what
i am putting down.

and so i delete.
a lot.
i guess you could say i am a chronic deleter.
so when you are missing a post,
that is why.
i've always struggled with words,
usually writing them down helps them come out
more thoughtful than
if i just say them
{you don't want to be around for me spouting off
at the mouth}
but sometimes,
even my written word
can lose it's point.

and so i delete.
come back in ten minutes,
this post will probably be gone too.


  1. Oh good! I got in before you deleted! Writing is a very good way to process what you're thinking. I pretty much consider my entire blog just one big rough draft. I rethink, edit, revise, think some more and, yes, delete sometimes, too. Sometimes I just leave my ridiculous stuff out there as a snapshot of what I was thinking at a particular moment.

    I just like reading what you're thinking. Does that make sense?

  2. You pretty much always make sense to me.

  3. um, ditto what Brandee said. Maybe you just need new readers, not new words. :)

  4. Ditto again, No deleting!!!! <3

  5. :). this is my first time here. you are good with words. happy day to you.