a daybook {with way too many pictures}

warm, sun-filled days have been beckoning us
out to play, prepare the garden,
read under trees {and in trees for layla},
to walk,
and sit and
certain household chores have been a bit neglected
these past few days but
the grass on my bare feet,
sun on my face and
breeze kissing my neck
whispers it's okay.
because when creation calls,
who are we to not answer?


still knitting a vest for miss pearl,
these days i have been more focused on creating
atmosphere within our home.
hanging pictures,
painting frames,
putting beautiful, inspirational words in every
nook and cranny,
making an atmosphere of peace,

in between,
trying to choose between surprised by joy c.s.lewis,
to own a dragon donald miller,
or seasons of a mother's heart sally clarkson...
and reading watership down, slowly, wonderfully
with the kiddos

a church filled with broken people,
coming together to live,
break bread,
care for each others needs,
regardless of...
people not being afraid to speak,
to be honest,
to disagree,
to discuss and
to be at peace.
people who "rejoice with those who rejoice;
mourn with those who mourn." 

for baby pearl smiles
baby eyes
husband and children working together preparing garden
full days of learning, living
daffodils blooming
freshly washed diapers
a second cup of coffee {that i'm just about to get to}
children reading
sneaky squirrels
for books.  everywhere.


  1. Love it. Fresh air and sunshine are so important!

  2. First off, one can NEVER have too many photos! ;) Second, I love the fabric in the embroidery hoops, I love the photo of you and Pearl and I absolutely LOVE the pile of books and cup 'o feathers! :)

    Lovely post, Amy!


  3. The flowers are beautiful! Our house has lots of those to.
    It's funny because every time I see you write about baby Pearl I immediately think about MY sister Pearl! :)

    Layla is really pretty in that picture of her reading! Can't wait to meet her!


  4. Sunshine and barefeet in grass! Ahhhh!!!! Ridiculous envy here! (But happy for you)

    I like that you're filling your home with words. About the only things I ever pin on Pinterest are word-related things.

    I thought about doing a day-booky kind of thing today. I'm still really stuck in a writing slump. :(

    Oh well.