this is number two

okay, so yesterday i posted the first post on this thing on my heart,
and today i am posting the second.
hopefully i don't get blacklisted for this one...

to turn the hearts of the fathers 2

there's someone at the front of the church,
and i am lost in my own world,
completely ignoring their words.
someone else steps up and
begins his speech,
i try to focus
on him.
he speaks of children in our communities,
lost and alone,
children whose parents
don't care much what happens to them,
or are too busy,
or too poor,
parents who probably weren't parented themselves,
just continuing the cycle
of separation from

he tells of his organization,
mentoring these children,
giving them attention,
showing them kindness they
have never
he asks for volunteers,
people willing to donate their time
to dedicate themselves to
a child,
a teenager,
who will show these children something
they have never
seen before.

and i feel sad.
is this what we do now?
focus on the children,
forget the parent?
how much better if we taught the parent,
if we loved the parent too,
if we showed them how
to love their children
by showing them
couldn't we bring a family together,
parents and children,
instead of tearing them further apart
by building a love/trust relationship
with the child
the child who is desperate for
that relationship,
who will focus their affections,
on the mentor now,
instead of their parents.

i think of it again
and again,

He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, 
and the hearts of the children to their fathers
Malachi 4:6 
and why can't this be our focus?
restoring families,
turning them to each other
i watch people sign up in droves 
to be mentors,
and i quietly ask Him,
give the church a heart for the parents too...


  1. So true and so beautifully written, if we don't change it from the parents perspective we only have the risk of them having more they cannot or will not take care of. We take drivers ed for driving, other schooling for various credentials, but do nothing to become a parent. It is not an easy job.

  2. You know you are on to something when you begin to see redemption and restoration as an holistic need, not just a bandaid for sinners. It's a beautiful thing when your understanding of grace is big enough to encompass the failures and stains of others and not just the fresh potential of the children. You know you have my heart with you here. Can't wait to read more.

  3. You really do have a pastoral heart and Holy Spirit insights - Don't doubt it for even a moment. I heard something great the other day. God is with us. He's in us, Amy. And I know your insights and prayers are taking ground. I'm praying with you.