pray for ezra

a friend's two year old nephew had a large television fall on him on saturday, causing multiple skull fractures.  he was airlifted to seattle where he underwent very risky surgery.  please join in praying for this beautiful boy.

Amazing, beautiful update


  1. wow that is so horrible.
    The author of Ross Common Acres had that happen to her son, it was a good outcome. The danger is all around and we must be hypervigilant about it. Praying.

  2. I meant to say the final outcome of her story was not good. I cried many tears reading her words.

  3. oh, wrenching...
    I will pray.
    My son ( 23 yrs) suffered head trauma in the fall. It was terrifying to put it mildly .

  4. I have always had this fear, since I saw this on tv years ago.
    I will pray. Keep us updated on GOOD news...that's what we'll be hoping to hear!