i dream of farms and forests

i long to raise my kids on a farm,
with animals to care for and crops to tend,
with hard work combined with love and togetherness,
with my husband, their daddy, working around us
instead of leaving and giving his days to
"the man",
to watch the sun rise over corn fields and
children enjoying the fruit of their labor,
being nourished by that which they grew themselves.

i long to raise my kids in the forest,
with trees surrounding home and
acres of mystery to explore,
to play,
to imagine.
where a small stream flows and they
fish there with their daddy,
or alone,
or each other.
where snow falls and blankets the forest
in glistening white each winter,
and snuggling inside by the fire is not just
it's a necessary escape from the cold outside.

and it's funny that i live in a place
most consider paradise,
and yet my dreams take me out of here.
but this is where He has placed us,
for now,
and He tells me to
"be content"and to
"give thanks" 
and when i look at the smiling faces of my children,
the natural beauty which appears
wherever i look,
titmice flying around our garden every morning,
immense california oak trees engulfing our home,
deer walking through up our driveway late at night,
pink sun rise over the hills on clear mornings and
deep fog which rolls in from the ocean consuming all sight
on the others.
when i watch my children study the beauty around us,
use their imaginations, together,
in play,
when we can lie on the grass and watch the birds,
the squirrels
on a february afternoon,
and children can roam,
can be free,
i can't help but be content,
but open my lips in praise for

and my dreams of farms and forests may remain,
and may,
one day,
be fulfilled,
but if they are not i know i am blessed,
and i will continue to be content,
for this,
all of this,
 is beautiful.


  1. you make me cry for I too dream of forests and farms ... yes life is so good now. My Heavenly Papa told me when you look at what I am doing and not at what I'm not doing you will never be disappointed. Now that's a promise I long to have fulfilled in my life. -Cassie Harvey

  2. Oh Amy, I guess since we have such kindred spirits, you wouldn't be surprised to know we have the same dreams! But isn't it such a blessing from our Father to give us the ability to be content (and even happy, joyful) even when our dreams are not reality in the present?!

  3. Your son looks so much like mine did when he was a little one -- when he lived among the forests and hills and fields and animals. Now he's all grown up with a little one of his own, and guess where he lives, by choice, and likes it? Right in the middle of a city!

    You are wise to seek contentment with where you are and what you have more than your dream. :)

  4. Me too :)
    Thank you for helping me to see the true blessings are right here.
    We are where we are for a reason.
    Your photos convey such warmth :)

  5. Ahhh, I am a dreamer of other places too. Just this weekend, while I looked out my back window, I pretended that I actually lived somewhere else.

    Good stuff that makes me think here, Amy.

  6. beautiful... it is ok to dream while you stay content where you are...for now.

  7. goodness this was beautiful Amy...your gratitude is beautiful and contagious :)...

  8. Beautifully said, Amy. He does grant us the desires of our heart-many times right where we are.

  9. I always appreciate the gentle way in which you express yourself. May He who is able answer all the desires of your heart.

  10. This make my heart hurt. In a really good way. I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to your banner picture of the twins in their mismatched boots, but I'm pretty much in love with this one, too.

  11. Hi Amy, I so hope to have a farm with a forest you can come and live on some day, Lord willing, maybe I will! I love you! Thank you for sharing with me. - Shaelee

  12. awww...lovely words & photos...

    Thank you for the reminder to "be content"! :)