to tell about pearl

so some have asked me to share pearl's birth story,
if you are not into that you can skip this post
and pearl and i will not be offended :)

as we all know,
this precious wee one did not come when we expected,
{isn't that usually the way,
things never happen when we expect or
how we expect}
and we were beginning to feel a bit anxious for her arrival...

we really needed {wanted} her to be born before january,
and many people had told us they knew {thought} she would make her arrival
december 30th,
so when i awoke at 5:30 on december 30th
with contractions ten minutes apart,
i thanked God for the beginning and rose to greet the day
i would meet little pearl...

now i know most mamas wouldn't jump to conclusions,
"knowing" the day had come,
but with my history it seemed so likely...
i typically began having contractions ten minutes apart and
within an hour they would be at five minutes,
and within 5-6 hours there would be a new baby in my arms.
and so,
i let my midwife know my contractions had begun and
my husband took the day off of work.
we prepared for baby
and she didn't come...
all day, contractions ten to twenty minutes apart, and
i was so confused,
this had never happened to me before.

through the night and into the next day...
new year's eve day arrived and met another morning
of constant contractions,
never progressing,
and i cried
so confused as to what was happening,
and why.
i knew she would come eventually, but
what was this?

and then,
as i checked in with my midwife in the morning,
my heart broke a little bit when
she told me she was preparing to go to another birth...
so my loving husband took me out to get my mind off labor,
driving me around to garage sales,
my number one good {bad} habit,
(and yes, on new years eve on the coast of california,
people have garage sales)
and it worked,
my mind was preoccupied for a couple of hours.
at home i learned the other woman's labor had slowed,
my midwife just waiting
for one of us...
we took the kids to the park and the store and then,
driving home at 5:30,
my contractions suddenly went from ten to five minutes apart.

we didn't want to get our hopes up though,
so we waited,
and an hour later when they were still five minutes,
and getting stronger,
i called the midwife and her wonderful assistant,
and they,
on their way to a new years eve shindig,
were greatly excited and wanted to know if they should come,
but i,
still not wanting to get my hopes up,
said we should wait a bit.
by 8:30 they were still 5 minutes,
and getting stronger,
so they
dropped off kids at various locations
and came to the house.

let's see...
moses was asleep,
hannah and ruth were asleep,
josiah and ian were doing something together somewhere
and layla, sweet layla
planted herself on a chair in the living room and
determined to stay there until pearl arrived.

at first we sat,
my husband made jokes and
held my hand through every contraction.
he played some guitar,
the boys went to bed,
i had a snack,
layla kept sitting on her chair,
and my husband kept making us laugh.
with the new year approaching, we wondered
if pearl would come before the fireworks,
before january...
and as fireworks exploded outside we told eachother
happy new year,
and went on laboring...
right about midnight,
the contractions got stronger and closer,
we filled up the birth tub,
and eventually i got in...
pure relief.
let me say, if you have never labored in water,
it is a beautiful thing.
pain subsides substantially...
at one point i had to get out of the water and
the pain was immediate and constant and
getting back in that warm tub was

then came the pressure,
the unbearable moments,
and then she was flying out into my husband's waiting hands...
then to my chest,
and eventually layla,
in absolute awe,
cut the umbilical cord.


2:16 am,
barely into the new year,
we embraced little pearl jean,
welcoming her into this large, loving family
and we haven't stopped breathing her in deep,
haven't gotten back to normal,
we are
loving her.


  1. LOVE this, Amy. She is just PRECIOUS!!!!! Thank you for sharing your story. <3

  2. There are reasons I'm an adoptive mom. I think the Lord knows I could never have gone through any of that! That Pearl, doing things her own way and in her own time. Hmmmm...methinks you've got a special young lady on your hands! Good to see you friend. Hope you're being gushed over with love.

  3. She is beautiful and so are you... and so is this! the story of a family growing, in love... xoxo

  4. The best story ever! She's as beautiful as her mama.xoxoxo

  5. Congratulations you did it! world's best cup of coffee!

    I just wanted to say congratulations, but watching movies has made it impossible for me to say that without adding, World's best cup of coffee. I hope you don't think I'm being trite, because I'm just being extremely excited for you. My happiness for you is spilling out into silliness. You are so blessed. She is so beautiful. YAY!

  6. She is so beautiful!!! You look radiant Amy:)
    What a wonderful birth story.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. She is so beautiful! Congrats friend.

  8. just so perfect!!!! i'd love to know if there's a story/honoring (etc) to her name as well (which i adore!!)... so happy for your home and water birth and i also pray you're getting some rest and snuggling that little girl and feeling loved and supported.

  9. right on time. you look lovely.

  10. Oh how I loved reading this Amy!! Congratulations to you and your family and welcome welcome Pearl!!!

  11. hi Amy,
    an absolutely beautiful story. really breathtaking.

    i wish i could labor again and do it in warm water! thank you for sharing this with us--what a warm, loving family--i can sense that.

    wanted to re-connect with you again--been out of the loop for a while. enjoy that sweet baby.

    blessings in His grace,


  12. Love this story! It's beautiful... I can't wait to meet Pearl and your family!


  13. I should wear more cloths so I can post my water birth pictures more freely! I love you Amy, we think of you often. We are thinking maybe we can go down that way next winter. I would love to see you, blessings to you dear and your lovely family.

  14. I should wear more cloths so I can post my water birth pictures more freely! I love you Amy, we think of you often. We are thinking maybe we can go down that way next winter. I would love to see you, blessings to you dear and your lovely family.