a saturday daybook

life with a newborn is slow, peaceful, beautiful. 
days are filled with cuddling,
reading piles of books to children,
running outdoors and breathing in crisp air,
watching pigeons nesting in our trees and
sparrows flitting about our slumbering garden,
perching on rose bushes just beginning to bud.
it rained last night,
the first rain in a long time,
and this morning's wet ground smells fresh and new.

even though this is my sixth baby,
seventh child,
i am doing all i can to move slowly through each day
and drink in each moment,
for these newborn days are so fleeting and
i want them to last...

with children to care for and adore,
a newborn to nurse and cuddle,
a husband to draw close to,
a God to be in constant communion with,
and a house to {somewhat} care for,
time to create has been scarce,
but i did just cast on this vest for miss pearl.
it will take awhile,
i'm sure,
but it gives my hands something to work on...

i've a bit more time to read,
as it is my normal occupation when nursing,
which is a pretty constant thing these days.
though it has been easier to read fiction,
which is not what i typically read.
on my to read list for awhile,
i have finally picked up a girl of the limberlost,
and so far,
i love.
with a nursing babe,
a cup of tea,
and a gaggle of children playing on the floor at my feet,
these slow moments of reading and
simply being

i have been in thought about how some people can be so cruel.
due to our lifestyle choices we have had many hurtful comments,
and sometimes they come from the most unexpected places.
my husband is so gracious to brush them off,
but i dwell on them and allow them to affect me.
and i just don't understand why people feel our choices are
their business,
especially when their criticisms are so unfounded.
they don't like that we have so many children,
that we homeschool,
that our children *gasp* do chores,
and on the other hand,
that we allow our children to be children,
make childish comments,
spend hours outdoors,
devote time to their own interests,
and not expect them to be mini-adults,
to be perfect and
kind all the time.

let me apologize ahead of time,
for my layla is amazing and beautiful,
she is wise beyond her years and has a love of nature so deep
that she would spend hours in the trees watching the birds,
but if you were to meet her,
to introduce yourself to her,
she would ignore you.
ask her a question and she will pretend she didn't hear you.
she is very shy at first and uncomfortable,
and some people may make comments about how terrible we are
to let her be so rude,
but we will not force her.
she is uncomfortable,
she is a child.
she is not rude or disobedient. 
and if she is given the time to get to know you,
if she spends any amount of time around you,
she will open up and
you will see those amazing qualities that she has.

you see,
we allow our children to be children,
to be who they are,
and we love them and encourage them and
know that these qualities they have are God given
and in His time they will work out perfectly for
each one of these precious children.

for now,
we just love them,
guide them,
and pray for and with them.

for each of these children
for each slow day
for Peace surpassing understanding
for Joy in the morning, in the night, in the always
{this, my forever christmas decoration.  never comes down}

for friends always there
for my rock of a husband
for forgiveness and the ability to forgive
for beauty everywhere
for children who count each other as their best friends

for each. new. day.


  1. Your days sounds so much like mine...I too enjoy those slow, newborn days (seasons!). It seems we are still in it as Pearl stays in my arms most of the day, so much slower and just getting the necessities done (thankful for my children and they work they do with their chores, if it wasn't for them the house would be a disaster!).

    I'm impressed you are able to knit still. Since Pearl is in my arms most of the day, I have yet figured out how to knit at the same time. :)

    So sad to hear of the naysayer's that come around speaking into your life. Praying it will not bring you down (and if so, not for long). Your sweet Layla and the rest are wonderful, and are blessed to have you and James as their loving parents.

    Love you (here in big TX!)

  2. YOU: are a very good momma.

    Layla will be stronger and so thankful, so very thankful that you allowed her to be who she is.

    I like you a lot. just the way you are.

  3. Yes to everything Tonia said. Sending love and support across the miles... xo

  4. Good words, wonderful pictures and awesome blog.

  5. The girl of the limberlost is the BEST BOOK! I'm so glad you're reading it. enjoy the slowness. I'm sure you're doing a great job raising your kiddos. I have a child who ignores people too. Oh well. He's 4. He gets too excited and he doesn't know what to do with himself...sometimes he tries to hit me with a smile on his face when I introduce him to someone. It embarrasses me, but only because I think I look bad, not because he's actually doing something wrong. It's hard to divide my pride as a parent, but I don't think we should discipline because our pride is being stepped on. Sigh. Darn you Human nature.

  6. You make me miss being a young mommy. for reals. God Bless you and your whole sweet clan. P.S. the acorn garland is still in the works. Sorry I'm so slow, but I haven't forgotten. :)

  7. I would keep that Christmas decoration up all. year. long. too. But you know me. Looks like your kiddos are pretty smitten with Miss Pearl. I don't knit, but understand how the rhythm and repetitiveness can be comforting. I recently came across a book titled, "Knit One, Purl a Prayer." I like the idea of praying while creating.

    I've never read the Limberlost. (Don't tell JoAnn. She's still miffed cause I haven't read any of the Lord of the Rings books. But she still loves me. I think)

    Love the way you love your babies, and the way you're drinking in the moments.

  8. I have puddles for eyes after reading this Amy:) You are a very special Mama. I've already read this post a couple of times... I know I will come back to it again and again.
    I feel exactly the same as you do. Sometimes I feel like people are especially judging us on the behaviour of our children becasue we have more than the average family does. Our 4th girl has been a blessing and has opened my heart in so many ways because she is a real free spirit. She has taught me so much about humilty and unconditional love.
    Your Layla sounds so similar to my Boo :)
    Your family is beautiful Amy.
    This Mama thanks you for opening your heart.