on children and nature and culture

have we become a culture that is so immersed in "entertainment",
so far removed from what is real,
a culture so overwhelmed and filled with "stuff"
that to see people, children who love
who embrace
beautiful and
ignore the false,
could care less about the "stuff"
is unbelievable,
is shocking?

i just found so amusing,
but sad,
that a kind neighbor of ours stopped by
to ask if our children would like some games,
some toys, some movies.
she told me how she always saw them playing outside,
so she thought that maybe they didn't have very much
because my children spend most of their time in nature,
running, laughing,
watching, enjoying,
she thought they were void of things.
it was abnormal to her that children would want to be


and this made me sad.
children raised on television, on so much stuff,
that they are out of touch with real life,
with beauty
that it has become out of the ordinary for
a child to just be.


“Our children no longer learn how to read the great Book of Nature from their own direct experience or how to interact creatively with the seasonal transformations of the planet. They seldom learn where their water comes from or where it goes. We no longer coordinate our human celebration with the great liturgy of the heavens.” – Wendell Berry


  1. Oh Amy yes it's so true isn't it. I think it is a pretty wonderful thing that your children love the outdoors and know what it is to not "need" things to make them "happy."
    God Bless

  2. You are so right on with this, children need to go outside and play and explore and use their imagination. I enjoyed your pictures too. Good job mom.

  3. I totally agree with you. There must be something in the water today, because I've been reflecting on my apparently bizzare parenting choices and reasoning out my philosophy behind them. I guess doing things counter cultural forces you to explain yourself. Your kids are so blessed, the BEACH for crying out loud, the BEACH!

  4. I hear you girl. We are regularly taking a hard look at the *things* we have and trying to determine whether they are blessing or burden. I think stuff tends to creep in from all different places, people... well meaning of course but without that precious discernment you have obviously been gifted. Hugs and love to you. xo

    ps- I tried to comment on your post from yesterday but it has gone missing! I relate, sweet Amy. Truly.

  5. oh wow, i love that your children play outside. LOVE it. and i agree with you... it's sad she thought that. bless you and your beautiful family friend.

  6. OK, that is *crazy*. Doesn't it shock you sometimes the way people think?

    What a strange world in which we dwell.

  7. I have never visited here before. Wow, what a beautiful space full of love, happiness and an appreciation for Nature...LOVE IT!! Hope you are having a magical day! ~ B