to yarn along

so this is not my typical post,
but i'm just awaiting this baby and she's not coming yet,
so i want to post something and
words are far from mind,
and thus here i am, happy to share with ginny's yarn along
what i am reading,
and what i am knitting...

having (finally) finished the baby blanket,
but still waiting for the baby,
i cast on these leg warmers for her little baby legs,
a super fast and easy pattern,
i'm working on #2 already.

and on the reading front,
never one to be able to read just one a time,
i'm (still) reading (again) one thousand gifts,
reading (again) the rhythm of family,
to the twins little house in the big woods,
and to all the kids, the birds christmas carol.

and it's peaceful,
it's simple,
it's beautiful,
and we are waiting...


  1. Waiting can be so hard. I love that you're making the most of it.

  2. makes me smile :)

  3. Can't wait to "meet" your new little one :)
    Those leg warmers are adorable!

  4. i know i've been quiet, too quiet. i want to email you all kinds of words (mostly in the question form) and yet i'm still quiet... but i love that you are knitting your wee one's arrival-to-come and i'm also knitting tons these days just so my hands don't feel so useless. i pray she arrives soon, and for delivery to be marked only w/ joy. hugs from one wordless knitter to another. :) (p.s. the questions would go something like this: how on earth are you homeschooling?!!?!?!?!?!?)

  5. From a momma who has waited for many a baby (8) here is my advice....sleep while you still can lol. Your projects are precious and I hope you are holding your precious baby real soon.

  6. Lovely! What a wonderful book selection:) Are you having a baby? When are you do? What a perfectly wonderful gift..yay! Can't wait to see photos! ~ Barefoot Mama

  7. barefoot mama,
    yep. baby 7 will be born any day!

  8. That's wonderful!! CONGRATULATIONS!! :)) ~ B