to give some facts

while my mind is still blank in matters of prose,
i will give you all some facts from my mind and life
these days...

  • two days over due.  it really is frustrating, especially when everyone expected her to be born early and when everyone else you know who was pregnant and due after you has already delivered.  but, i know, all in His timing... it will be perfect.  and the good thing is that i have been able to care for little moses who has been feeling terribly the past few days.  just snuggle and hold and kiss him.  it would be pretty difficult to take care of him like this as well as caring for a newborn... so i'm seeing the positive.
  • i joined pinterest again... i deleted my account awhile back for various reasons, but now that i have no brain to write anything and i am pretty much too pregnant to move, it is the perfect momentary habit.  i may not stay forever, but for now...
  • christmas was super.  relaxing and chaotic all rolled into one... and now i'm really glad it's over.
  • i thought of lots of things to write while i was lying in bed last night... now they are all gone.
  • my brother has been staying at our house since monday the 19th, and he vows not to leave until the baby is born.  although he just told me if she's not born by thursday the 29th they have to go.  that's a really long time, but we are loving it.  he is the most sane person in my family, at least the only one who doesn't think i am crazy, and it has been so nice having them here. though my midwife thinks that's why i'm not going into labor, because i'm having a home birth and we have extra people in our house.  so i guess we will see if she's born on the 30th.
  • i hate cereal.  when moses eats it he cries and cries.  he never wants to eat from his own bowl, only the twins, and he cries until they give him theirs.  if i wasn't so pregnant i would make some breakfast for them, but for now...
  • it's getting warm here.  we had a few weeks of awesome, cold 60 degrees, but it's supposed to get up to 76 by next week and i am just not okay with that.  i am a seasons person.  i want winter.  i want snow.  instead we might just go hang out at the beach and play in the water at the end of december and this makes me very. sad.
  • my kids are really cute.  it would be neat to see this new one.
  • some of you know this and some don't but my husband was once a pastor, and then we were living in washington for awhile church planting, and now we are back in california (hence the no winter).  God has really been putting church planting on our hearts again, so we will see what comes of that... if you pray you could do that for us... for direction and all that.
  • moses skips everywhere he goes and it is incredibly adorable.

  •  i am incredibly grateful for the friendship of you.  some of you have become such an important part of my life, my children even know you by blog title.  i will talk to my husband about jodi or nancy or jewels or tonia, and my kids will say "oh, the curious acorn, or the out of her mind lady, or the wondering eyes lady or the lady who studies brown."  they especially like when i talk about joann because then they say, "ostriches look funny!" so thank you for your friendship and prayers and i know you are all anxious for this baby too so hopefully she will be here soon.


    1. At least they aren't calling me the ostrich lady...or OLF. I really should have given my blog name more thought, but whatever! You know something funny? I was seriously tempted to go to the beach this week because it's about 38 degrees and I hate it. I need the heat baby. but then I thought, IF i go to the beach NOW it will be hard to see amy because she is heavy with child.
      By the way, get that kid out of there.
      Also those rabbits and those children are adorable!

    2. Beautiful post and pictures!!!
      Wishing you a very Happy New Year Amy!

    3. The church planting thing sounds intriguing...exciting, even! I'll be praying about that. And babies are always exciting! Here's to yours coming very soon. Happy New Year!

    4. Hey Amy, love. I'm working on your nut garland. A bit slow this week. It's 3:00 in the afternoon, and I'm still in my PJs. It's been that kind of day. I'll be praying for you and baby. I was two weeks late with my second son. The doctor said, "When the apple's ripe, it will fall from the tree." :) I'll be praying for your little apple. Also the church planting. I understand what that's like when I talk to Joy and Rhys, being as Rhys is a pastor. xox

    5. can't wait to hear the 'news' when baby arrives! I'm with you, snow, snow is good during this season.

    6. So glad to see what's going on in your life these last few days! Don't get discouraged...she will definitely come at the perfect time! Caleb was 7 days "late" and Noble was difficult to be sure, but looking back I see that they came at the perfect time. Noble especially as at his newborn exam he was considered 39 weeks. Imagine if I had taken things in my own hands at his due date, he would not have been as ready as I thought! Bless you these glimpses into your beautiful life. Enjoy your time with your brother!!

    7. Awww. (((HUGS))) Here I am impatient myself with 12 days until MY due date. I thought of you yesterday and was like, "Hmm, I wonder how Amy is doing!" I'm Amy Marie on Pinterest btw. ;) Picture of my Ella & the little baby quilt is my profile. Our Christmas was busy too!!! I love this post...I can identify with so much of it... the cereal ;), not having much energy for anything, etc!!!

      Bless you!

    8. {Amy}, you are so precious, girlie. I'm thinking of you and praying.

      Though never "late" (interestingly enough) I do well-remember the waiting, and so, am thinking of you especially much as you continue to wait for that little princess just a bit longer.

      And, what a beautiful, tender heart to see the gifting in the giving of the wait-time for little Moses. I hope he's feeling much better soon.

      So true, Jodi's good doctor's saying when she was *2 weeks*, "late" (What a doctor! And, what a gal! ;o), " "When the apple's ripe, it will fall from the tree".

      Jesus hold you close and love you, and through you yours, 'til (that glorious) *then*, (of the surely soon-coming of the "falling" of that "littlest, ripening apple" from "the lovely tree")! Such beautiful children~~each one!
      Much love to you, dear Amy xo

    9. Okay so I am wondering if at this very moment you are in labor since when you posted this! My fingers are crossed!! Lovely pictures by the way--and that bunny!!! So cute!
      Happy new year Amy!

    10. love you...laboring along with you today in prayer...