to share a daybook {Nov. 28}

well, for at least today, i am jumping on the daybook bandwagon
as katherine and tonia have done lately,
borrowing prompts from these beautiful ladies,
mainly because i want to write something and yet
am immensely pregnant (full term in one week) and
i am just not able to write much,
so here i am...

living seasonally…

thanksgiving found us alone,
just the eight of us,
for the first time. 
it was quiet, relaxed and beautiful.  
we made the foods we love,
took time throughout the day, moving slowly,
there was no rush to eat at a particular time,
no worry about when,
each other.
though there was a bit of sorrow over the lack
of family and friends,
we enjoyed every moment.

and as soon as it was over,
the children's focus shifted to preparations for
that joyous day known as christmas,
and decorations were pulled out,
a tree was picked out,
and new days of anticipation and 
preparing of hearts are now upon us,
along with the unique situation of preparing for
our new baby as
we follow mary preparing for hers,
the Christ child.
towards thanksgiving...

these days have been so slow, 
and so peaceful,
just as i like them,
they have given me such time to reflect on 
all the beauty, all the gift and
breathe it all in...

our dearest friends, 
living in a place of such. beauty.,
God always, always providing, even in the most mysterious of ways,
my mama buying me fancy cloth diapers after years of old school prefolds and diaper covers, (can i just tell you how excited this makes me?)
moving closer and closer to seeing her little face

towards a reading life...

reading too many books at once,
as usual,
finally making my way through a long put off book,
gift from the sea by anne morrow lindburgh and
the sayings of the desert fathers,
which is so deep and challenging,
my heart is being stirred in only the first
few pages.

establishing rhythm…

i feel we are more out of rhythm right now than
with all of the seasonal changes and 
life preparations we are undergoing,
but as i look at our days of
and snuggling
intermingled with the seasonal delights of
fire burning,
christmas music playing,
children making presents for others,
and rosy smiling faces,
i realize rhythm is there,
it's just shifting and
it's beautiful.

 creating beauty…

just having completed sewing three skirts as
christmas gifts for the twins and a cousin,
i am now working diligently on finishing this blanket
before baby arrives, 
it's almost done but

nurturing hearts…

as our family grows, 
i have been trying to keep in mind the necessity of 
loving each of my children individually,
daily living out this principle spoken of in
cheaper by the dozen, 
instead of living like i have only seven children, living like
i have seven only children.
giving them all of me, loving them
giving attention to each one and 
meeting the needs of all.

nurturing minds…

i just began reading for the second time,
the little house series
with the twins and i am so delighted
to share these wonderful books with them
as i did with their older brothers and sister long ago,
of course,
those older ears keep popping in to listen as well,
laughing and reminiscing.  
this is pure joy, 
this rereading, enjoying with the new,
this circle of love, of continuation, of
doing again,
and again.


tending the earth... 

and, this, 
a lone rose blooming in the midst of
a succulent patch
in late november,
a reminder of life,



  1. This post just made me smile all the way through :)
    We have a December baby too so I know a little of the special sense of advent anticipation involved.
    So happy for you over the diapers!!!
    I get all excited over things like that too :)
    Sending prayers your way.

  2. Holy mackerel, girl! Those prompts unleashed a tidal wave of beautiful words, beautiful images. I remember reading Little House with my baby girl. Seems like such a long time ago. So glad you get to visit the Big Woods and the Prairie (though I have to say I felt cold the whole time I was reading The Long Winter)

    Looking forward to meeting your little one soon! Hugs.

  3. What a beautiful post, Amy!!! And I LOVE your baby did you do it?

  4. I wish I could give you a hug. Your home, like you yourself, is full of light and love and beauty. And it's seen in the shining eyes of your littles. And your faith shines, too, Amy. Continue to take joy. You do it so well.

  5. Love seeing your decorations and happy home!! :)

  6. It's all beautiful. I especially feel the same about giving children individual attention. it's so hard. And finding my rhythm is so hard. During this time of year....eek! AND I'm not even pregnant.

    You do it well, and in an inspiring way. :)
    Nice blanket.