to hide

We sat at the window,
two other preteens and myself,
watching in horror as our young friend hid from the police. 
The house was completely dark and
we hoped that we were invisible to the searching light beaming from the patrol car. 
Three frightened, young girls
huddled together,
holding hands as if together
we could protect each other from the cops,
convinced we were about to witness our friend being arrested

Only an hour earlier we were four friends
giggling, gossiping and planning. 
Planning for a girls night.
Movies to watch, treats to eat,
boys to talk about. 
we realized, we had to get from one house
to another...

"Isn't there a curfew?"

None of us knew,
but this friend was convinced.
"I know there is, it's 9:00.
Under the age of 16 you are not allowed to be out
past 9.
If we get caught, the police will pick us up."

This realization brought an element of fear to our impending mile walk,
but we could also feel a sense of adventure among us.

Dressing in all black
with hopes of being consumed by
the dark of night,
we set out. 
Walking slowly,
we would duck behind parked cars,
or just lie on the ground if
nothing else was around,
anytime a car would drive by.
We were criminals, spies, ninjas...
our blood was rushing.

Finally we saw it,
our destination, Chelsea's house.
All we had left to do was
cross the street,
pass one house and
we would be free, victorious. 
The night air was cool,
the street was silent and
dark, lit up only by street lights and porch lights.
Once in the middle of the street
we saw it. 
A car coming towards us, very slowly,
headlights off.

Alicia whispers the words we fear,
"police car."

we run. 
Three of us head for the door of Chelsea's house,
We let out our breathe, adrenaline pumping,
glad to have made it, when we realize
Chelsea is not
Rushing to the front window
looking out to the street,
we see the patrol car stopped in front,
the search light glowing brightly.

Where is she?

Then we see her,
flat on her stomach in the driveway,
under the car.  Terrified at
what will happen if they find her,
we begin to cry. 
Yes, cry,
we were naive little girls.
We hear a beep, a megaphone turned on,  the loud voice announce,
"Your feet are showing. 
You can come out,
your feet are showing."

And they were,
her doc marten covered feet
sticking out from under the car. 
She creeps out, makes her way shaky and
alone, to the car,
speaks for a few minutes to the officer,
and then comes inside
where we smother her with hugs and congratulations
for not being arrested.

She tells us he laughed at us
and that there was no curfew.
He also suggested we don't walk around
in black at night, hiding from cars and
running from police.

I tell my children this story, and
they giggle endlessly.  These fears of their mama
as a child, these adventures she had.

And one child

"It's like God mama.
  People try and hide
from Him, but why would they?
He knows where you are and
what you're doing, but also
He just wants to love you
and keep you safe.   
Why would anyone hide from Him?"

I pull her close and whisper, "Very true.
Why would we hide?"

He just wants to love us.



  1. nice...out of the mouth of babes...ha...

    and i did get questioned by cops once as our town did have a curfew...

  2. Made me laugh and cry. Great story! You have a wise daughter there.

  3. LOVED the story. Sweet words from your child. We can't hide from God. Her feet were showing. :)

  4. I'm so glad he caught us, Amy.:)

  5. i'm with brandee. the ending--so powerful.

  6. i have hidden before... from others (my dark secrets) from myself (my fears, dreams) and from God (or tried to, the leaves an embarrassment of self-worth)
    why would we hide? he loves us so. this is grace and amazing.