to share this day

determined to have a relaxed saturday,
children have been running careless through the house
spreading toys and joy wherever they go,
older children embarking on expeditions through the "woods",
becoming lost in books and
i have settled in to
 this day of peace
listening to john mark mcmillan ,
creating autumn in a place where it doesn't exist and
is still 80 degrees outside
with decoration,
and beginning christmas sewing,
using this pattern
to make this skirt for ruth.

and now the time for supper is upon us,
i am at a loss for what to make,
though i have had some great suggestions
from some marvelous friends,
breathing deeply for
joy lived today.

joining with amanda, weekending... 

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  1. i know the feeling...i live somewhere that autumn is avoiding, 82F today is just a bit depressing :(