to see

Sunshine reflects off ocean in streams of glory,
shining through window of building where we meet
to worship and be together,
the body,
a mosaic of broken people
pieced together into beauty,
by Him.
Cool breeze chills bare arms
and all I see,
a reflection of Him and His grace...
wind blows, swaying fronds of palm trees
and He is breathing on me,
children voices pour into room from beach,
laughter, joy,
and He is loving,
the Good Shepherd,
rejoicing in His flock.
And we fellowship,
we pray,
and He is blessing us,
showering gifts upon us,
if only we would open our eyes,
and see...

695. sunlight reflecting off ocean, streams of glory
696. a chorus of little voices
697. slow days
698. sewing for little girls
699. the anticipation of meeting a funny ostrich this week
700. reading again healing, life giving words of her book
701. acorns covering the grass outside
702. new tire swings
703. getting closer
704. husband's care for me
705. children screaming with joy outside
706. provision that always comes
707. many children demanding my attention
708. being one broken piece in His mosaic

*repost, all but the gifts, those are newly counted, newly added*


  1. Thank you, Amy because you do see. Have a great time with JoAnn . Hug her for me.

  2. And me, and me, and me! Loved this the first time I read it. Remain insanely jealous that you live near this (in a good way)

  3. hi Amy,

    over from Ann's.

    my favorites from your list...

    streams of glory, all of us, a piece of a broken mozaic ( i like that, since i feel that way--broken, and isn't that the truth--we are all broken, fitting together to make a whole body?) also, lots of little children needing you...yes, yes, sister--me too, me too!

    i loved the entire list. the poem. is. beautiful.

    so quiet, reflective. and because i have felt broken and this is a season of brokenness for us, i really enjoyed reading this today, thank you.

    blessings in His grace,