to say i love you

***so yes, i'm in a somewhat nostalgic state of mind, thinking back on our marriage, our story, as our 10 year anniversary draws near... so here's another one about us, this one a repost***

we were young and in love,
soon to be married but not yet,
working at competing coffee shops in the same town.
early morning gray found us opening,
both arriving at our respective cafes at 5.
he knew i was awake, working across town,
and i was so aware of his morning work,
and with each other in mind we set about our tasks,
brewing black, setting out breakfast delight,
making a comforting, welcoming environment for the morning crowd.
the idea struck me quick when i saw the car and i knew i had but a moment.
i grab pen and paper, or rather pastry bag, the closest thing to paper i had nearby,
and write a short note.
in walks first visitor of the day, the bagel delivery man,
and i ask had he been to other cafes yet,
and he answered,
no, we were first stop.
so i give him young girl pleading look and ask,
please, would he deliver this folded note for me when he delivered bagels
across town.
he smiles, laughs, takes bag turned note in hand,
and drives away.
ten minutes later i can picture him,
tall, handsome, confused,
taking note from delivery man, unfolding bag and reading heart words,
"good morning!  i love you!  have a wonderful day.  love, your soon to be wife"
 shortly, phone rings, his voice makes heart swoon,
"i love you too. thanks.  that made me smile."

and i'm thinking on this, the ways we show love, the things we do,
while considering the many, countless ways He shows love to us...

682. my amazing husband, his beautiful love
683. my amazing God, His beautiful love
684. my dear precious friend and her strong, quiet spirit
685. N. H. B.- we love you
686. God who comforts
687. God who guides
688. God who loves
689. God who provides
690. a new oven!!!
691. baking pumpkin muffins in that new oven
692. the smells of autumn
693. cooler days, finally
694. the universe, in His hands

in all these ways, He is telling us He loves us,
these are His love notes, written on baggies, scribbled out amongst the heavens,
saying, simply, and amazingly, "I love you."


  1. What a wonderful list! Love the ones lately about your hubby & you!! God is indeed faithful!

  2. hi neighbor...I love your story...and great list too...

  3. lovely list and sharing. thanks so much for your encouragement to me, as well.

  4. hi Amy,

    such a cute, clever, beautiful story. truly enjoyed reading it.

    and a sweet, simple list--better to be grateful for the little things, right? pumpkin muffins...mmm.

    everytime i read your about section, i smile.

    blessings in His grace,


  5. So glad you're loving that book! How've you been? BTW there's more of Truly posted!!

  6. madison- i am loving it. i actually just began reading it for the second time! i'm doing great, just trying to enjoy the california sunshine when i would rather have cold weather and leaves falling from trees! can't wait to go read it.

  7. What a beautiful list! I love the photo as well. I love finding other women who love their hubby as well. It is refreshing! Your blog is beautiful.

  8. I love your list...what incredible blessings. God is good!

  9. What a sweet story! And such wonderful gifts - so much to be thankful for!

  10. oh how I love this and you guys (from afar!) :)