to be loved

they wander and enjoy
the beauty made evident in
this season,
smells of hay mixed with
the baking of pies,
brown sugar
causing them to crave sweet things and
auntie comes to make memories
with the young ones,
who cuddle up to her,
filling her with that overwhelming joy
that comes from
being loved

older children and
young ones alike
take part in those traditions which
auntie and their mama did so many years ago,
and God speaks in whispers,
wind breathing on neck,
as sun breaks through clouds,
peeking over hills which lead to ocean,
and as God reveals gifts that
only searching eyes will notice,
I too am filled with overwhelming joy
that comes from
being loved.

(those were gifts 709-733)

(so hard to get a good picture of 6, with 4 pictures there's at least one good one of each... i hope.  just shows the beauty of so many)


  1. Love the pics and amazed it only took four to get a good one of each :)

    Thanks for sharing! Jumped over from Ann's 1000 gifts

  2. Such a lovely family! Such a beautiful list of gratitude.
    Your weather is looking much warmer than ours - we woke up to snow! Brrr...

  3. Your words are so full of genuine worship. I'm knocked over every time.

  4. your house is full of beauty. this is all.

  5. Okay, these pics just made me miss my babies and the years I took them to pumpkin patches. Sigh. And, yes, yes! You are loved! (And I've been loving all your comments at Jodi's and my places (limited internet still, so I haven't been able to read and respond the way I've wanted to. Boo.) One of these days, I'll find an excuse to get to CA. One of these days.

  6. love the pictures...they were great!!