to talk about stuff

the days are getting shorter,
it's actually dark when i want to put the three littles to bed,
and i love the feeling that autumn is upon us,
even if we don't get a change of color or leaves falling.
at least i get to bake with pumpkin.
pumpkin cake, a family favorite,
pumpkin bread,
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins...

and then i remember my oven is broken and
has been for three weeks and
i have no hope of getting a new one any time soon...
barbeque and slow cooker have been
best friends to us lately.

i gave moses our last banana this morning and realized
i need to buy more although
i just bought a bunch yesterday,
and then it dawned on me that in a home of 8 (almost 9),
you go through a lot of bananas and
have to buy them daily.
most things we go through quickly i try to make or grow,
but bananas...
don't think i can do that.

i cried a lot yesterday (as some of you know) and
went to bed feeling defeated.
today i am awake knowing this is a new day,
His mercies are fresh every morning,
despite the lack of autumn conditions,
even when you have no oven,
and when you have to buy bananas daily.

that is all and
He is good.


  1. i tried writing a comment and my three year old got in the way
    I'm sorry.

    It's just, I hate going to the grocery store and I only have three kids :)

  2. It is the daily stuff that tends to wear me down. The big, heavy, deep, and real theological stuff? Got it. But a broken stuff and lack of bananas can really get to me. Or, in my case, running out of breakfast cereal. All. The. Time. And I only hd two kids.

    New mercies, each morning. Sing it out in your best Ethel Merman voice if you have to. Love you.

  3. He is good and He is enough. I have to remind myself of that too. Praying for you now...

  4. A broken oven would wear me out, too, although now moreso for the reason of no baked meat as opposed to the reason of no baked pumpkin bread. Because we've been on diets since August, which makes me want to cry for a different reason.

    My washing machine is on the blink. If I try to use warm or hot water in it, it gets hung up and makes bad noises. So it's cold on cold.

    But you're right: He's good good good. Even if broken stuff...too many trips to the grocery store...dieting...

  5. yes, He is good. all the time, He is good.

  6. Oh we are constantly running out of those niggly little things... you know milk, bread... banannas :)... Or something breaks. Yes there's usually at least one thing broken or in the last stages of working order at any given time round here :)
    (((Hugs))) to you.
    "His mercies are fresh each morning"
    I often thank heavens for it :)

  7. i am glad the day isa bit brighter for you today...enjoy the freshness of it and yes He is good...and that is good to remember...

  8. Bananas are a staple at our house, too. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Love yourself a little more on the days when little things loom large. :)

  9. oh how much i needed to read this today to kick me in the rear with my feeling sorry for myself just yesterday (and this morning!). my oven has been broken as well for the past month, but we are getting a new one for FREE from our home warranty. so i was able to upgrade if we wanted, so i looked online and found out that the really nice model (with all the AMAZING bells and whistles) would only cost $16.90 to upgrade. of course i thought, we could swing that! so i did it and immediately received an email from my bank that we overdrafted! i must be slow because it really wasn't $16.90, but $1690.00! i was so bummed that i could not get this super nice oven (even though the free one is still so much nicer than our 1977 model!). now how spoiled do i sound?

  10. I suppose this means "you're going bananas!" hahaha!

    Thanks for sharing from a vulnerable and real place. I'll pray for you that God give to you abundantly so that you are able to buy bananas and so much more for your hungry family.

  11. Ohhh, weary mom . . . I know these days! But I too am thankful His mercies are new EVERY morning! Sometimes we don't release ourselves to start over again, but He sure does!

  12. oh sister you aren't alone. know this. we all love you so much. xo