to talk about homeschool

the beautiful suzy at scraps of starlight tagged me in this homeschool meme...
so i'm going to do my best here...

One Homeschooling Book You have Enjoyed
 not quite sure i can pick just one,
  • A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.  After one year of homeschooling and using some terrible boxed curriculum, I found this.  My first introduction to Charlotte Mason.  Changed our lives.
  • For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.  The Charlotte Mason Companion naturally led to this book.  And I heart this book.  Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again.
  • The Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte Mason.  Yep, then came these books.  So inspiring.

One resource you wouldn't be without
  • well there's the Bible of course,
  • and then suzy said "Nature. Pure and simple." which i am stealing.
  • and then books.  piles and piles of amazing, beautifully written books.
so there's three again.  looks like one means three for me.

One resource you wish you'd never bought
 that first year's boxed curriculum that eldest did.  feel i shouldn't name names.
just sorry.  so so sorry ian.

One resource you enjoyed last year
  • ambleside online... been enjoying it for four years now, as have my children
  • bird feeders... so much curiosity and learning comes from these simple little feeders
  • time... slow, relaxed days, no rushing anywhere, just time to learn, live, read, talk, enjoy and grow

One resource you will be using next year
all the same... i suppose we are boring.
oh and my summer notebook just love reading her wisdom.

One resource you would like to buy
more bookshelves... for more books.

One resource you wish existed
i don't know, i think i'm pretty content for now.

One homeschool catalog you enjoy reading
 none.  they all make me feel lame and like i want to buy things i don't need.

Tag six other homeschool bloggers...
well, let's see.

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alright.  i'm done.  thanks.


  1. Oh fun. I'll do this soon, Amy! :) I think BOOKS kinda sums it all up! ;)

  2. I just loved reading this Amy!
    So nice to learn more about your home learning. It sounds so rich, and nurturing.
    And bird feeders!!!Yes! I think the kids like them almost as much as the birds do :)

  3. Visiting from Amy's at the View from Hidden Valley. We use Ambleside Online, too, and I'm excited to be using George Grant's King's Meadow Humanities Curriculum this year for high school.

    And bookshelves? Never enough. :)