to remember this day

 two birthdays, one day andone wanted to go to her favorite park,
the other to the pier to see the sea lions...

 and then daddy and josiah watched this beautiful little sea lion
vomit up a dead bird
newly four year old twins
ran their daddy ragged,
and he loved every moment of it

joining with soulemama,
i know i have broken the rules but
all of this was this moment i
want to savor...
bird carcass and all


  1. Loved this, Amy! Your family is beautiful! xo

  2. What gorgeous, sweet girls you have there Amy!!!
    Thank you for sharing glimpses of this special day... bird carcass and all :) It's all beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Happy birthday, twins!! I loved the photos of the seals all piled together, and the one of the daddy and his girls piled together! Sweet.

  4. Pelican! (Thanks for not taking a picture of the carcass, by the way) I woke up in the middle of the night and started praying for people, and you were one of them. Then I remembered I hadn't seen any of the birthday pictures. Or gotten any cake. Ahem. Anyway. Here they are, and they are priceless.