to make memories

Coffee brewed and ready for me to make a masterpiece of it,
children eating, no words, only the sound of chewing, swallowing,
hunger that set in overnight being worked off.
Sun shining through windows, brightly, blindingly,
wiping away the weekend's welcome storm,
rain, thunder, lightning, gray clouds, cool breeze,
and I find myself saddened they have gone.

Weekend which held much hope, delight;
ocean baptisms, people falling deep into water, rising into arms of Christ,
meals shared with true, beautiful friends,
laughter and conversation flowing into hours of night,
and children playing out in the dark, as children should...

and waking fresh to new day,
new week,
new memories to be made.

(gifts 668-680)


  1. sounds like an amazing weekend! speaking of making memories, i am one who has a huge desire to do that for my children. a memory of the smell of fresh baked bread every week, a fun game night that happens consistently (last night was our second and was so much fun, played pictionary!). annual family days, etc. it's the small things right?

  2. I don't think I would have wanted that weekend to end either.

  3. Nothing like a baptism. I've never attended an ocean one. I know I'd love it!

  4. These are the best gifts. Love you, Amy.