to remember this day

 two birthdays, one day andone wanted to go to her favorite park,
the other to the pier to see the sea lions...

 and then daddy and josiah watched this beautiful little sea lion
vomit up a dead bird
newly four year old twins
ran their daddy ragged,
and he loved every moment of it

joining with soulemama,
i know i have broken the rules but
all of this was this moment i
want to savor...
bird carcass and all


to say happy birthday

today these girls...

turn 4...
and it's a little sad,
but way more amazing.
and i have been watching them all day and


just this today...

681. being in His arms of love


to talk about homeschool

the beautiful suzy at scraps of starlight tagged me in this homeschool meme...
so i'm going to do my best here...

One Homeschooling Book You have Enjoyed
 not quite sure i can pick just one,
  • A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.  After one year of homeschooling and using some terrible boxed curriculum, I found this.  My first introduction to Charlotte Mason.  Changed our lives.
  • For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.  The Charlotte Mason Companion naturally led to this book.  And I heart this book.  Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again.
  • The Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte Mason.  Yep, then came these books.  So inspiring.

One resource you wouldn't be without
  • well there's the Bible of course,
  • and then suzy said "Nature. Pure and simple." which i am stealing.
  • and then books.  piles and piles of amazing, beautifully written books.
so there's three again.  looks like one means three for me.

One resource you wish you'd never bought
 that first year's boxed curriculum that eldest did.  feel i shouldn't name names.
just sorry.  so so sorry ian.

One resource you enjoyed last year
  • ambleside online... been enjoying it for four years now, as have my children
  • bird feeders... so much curiosity and learning comes from these simple little feeders
  • time... slow, relaxed days, no rushing anywhere, just time to learn, live, read, talk, enjoy and grow

One resource you will be using next year
all the same... i suppose we are boring.
oh and my summer notebook just love reading her wisdom.

One resource you would like to buy
more bookshelves... for more books.

One resource you wish existed
i don't know, i think i'm pretty content for now.

One homeschool catalog you enjoy reading
 none.  they all make me feel lame and like i want to buy things i don't need.

Tag six other homeschool bloggers...
well, let's see.

meghann @ she shall rejoice
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hannah @cultivating home
amy @ fisher academy international
megan @ contented sparrow

alright.  i'm done.  thanks.


to talk about stuff

the days are getting shorter,
it's actually dark when i want to put the three littles to bed,
and i love the feeling that autumn is upon us,
even if we don't get a change of color or leaves falling.
at least i get to bake with pumpkin.
pumpkin cake, a family favorite,
pumpkin bread,
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins...

and then i remember my oven is broken and
has been for three weeks and
i have no hope of getting a new one any time soon...
barbeque and slow cooker have been
best friends to us lately.

i gave moses our last banana this morning and realized
i need to buy more although
i just bought a bunch yesterday,
and then it dawned on me that in a home of 8 (almost 9),
you go through a lot of bananas and
have to buy them daily.
most things we go through quickly i try to make or grow,
but bananas...
don't think i can do that.

i cried a lot yesterday (as some of you know) and
went to bed feeling defeated.
today i am awake knowing this is a new day,
His mercies are fresh every morning,
despite the lack of autumn conditions,
even when you have no oven,
and when you have to buy bananas daily.

that is all and
He is good.


to make memories

Coffee brewed and ready for me to make a masterpiece of it,
children eating, no words, only the sound of chewing, swallowing,
hunger that set in overnight being worked off.
Sun shining through windows, brightly, blindingly,
wiping away the weekend's welcome storm,
rain, thunder, lightning, gray clouds, cool breeze,
and I find myself saddened they have gone.

Weekend which held much hope, delight;
ocean baptisms, people falling deep into water, rising into arms of Christ,
meals shared with true, beautiful friends,
laughter and conversation flowing into hours of night,
and children playing out in the dark, as children should...

and waking fresh to new day,
new week,
new memories to be made.

(gifts 668-680)


to share this moment

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

the baby opossum our dog brought into our house one night as we sat,
lights off,
rocking littles and relaxing.
she dropped him on the floor and eldest yells, "dad, the dog just dropped
a dead opossum on the floor."
husband responds, "opossum's play dead.  that's alive." 
and she up and scurries around our living room...

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