to fail?

 words have failed me lately,
like all does
but Him,
and days have crept
slowly by
as honey dripping off a spoon,
while we have tried to find a way
from endless nothing to
rhythm of every day
and despite all planning,
we still find ourselves

but He is here with us
on days where
rhythm was lost and
days when rhythm was
never found,
hiding just beyond but
never to be grasped

and i cry for failed days,
days lying on blankets in breeze,
watching jays grab peanuts from feeder,
disappearing as if
they were thieves,
children reading books they love,
playing games of their choosing,
cooking dinner with their tired mama,
whose middle is swelling with
their new sister,
knitting together and
drawing together,
praying and
drinking in His word...

and though rhythm may have failed,
words may have failed,
i wonder
how can these be
failed days?
the failure is of my choosing...
and if i
to call them failed days,
i will finally see that
these days are


  1. oh amy, yes! stop naming failures and start naming blessings and transform through the Word, through Jesus, and all is beautiful. all. xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful days captured in your pictures. You are blessed :)

  3. yes, i think a lot of us homeschooling mamas (especially) can relate to this right now. your words are an encouragement to me this day. now make sure you re-read them to yourself. believe.
    blessings on you this day!

  4. I think you're just learning a new song with a new rhythm. And I hope you dance to it--you with your swollen belly :)

  5. the failure is of my choosing...
    and if i stop choosing
    to call them failed days,
    i will finally see that
    these days are beautiful.

    Truth!! I feel you mama. And as an older woman, I can tell you... those are the beautiful days. :)

  6. Definitely not fail days!!! Just pure life with its mountains and its valleys. It's all grace, and grace keeps us faithful. You are faithful.

  7. i know friend. i weep over those days too... praise God that he redeems and makes beautiful our mistakes. i love you sister.

  8. Yes, I will believe with you that they ARE beautiful days, no matter how many times we "fail" in the little moments throughout the day. I believe you have more success in your days that failures. You are doing a great job sweet momma, your family is so incredibly blessed to have such a loving, encouraging and talented mom! Bless you my kindred spirit sister :)

  9. This post is like a hymn to these "failiure" days.
    I've had my share :) and have found it hard to see the jewel that shines within their quiet heart. I love how you bring it out there into the light with your poetry.