to truly live

On banks of lake serene and blue,
family of large black crows scavenge for worms
and food left behind.
Wind whispers on necks,
water splashes up,
kissing skin,
and we sit with poles waiting for fish,
books open to pages of encouragement and truth,
children voicing imagination in song,
running about God's land,
truly living.

And Peace resides here,
speaking while waves lap against the shore,
while trees dance,
waving their arms in the breeze.
Must we go,
back to piles of laundry in need of folding,
to floors begging to be swept, mopped, vacuumed,
again and again,
to supper unmade,
toys out of place,
books strewn about on every surface.

Yet, Peace lives there too,
speaking while children laugh,
while family and instruments, together, make music
and little ones snore softly in the hush of the moon.

I can return
and find Him there,
and serve Bread to my family,
serve them first,
allowing them to partake of Love,
security and
Lavishing my best upon them,
so they do not have to be as the crows,
scavenging for scraps, for leftovers.

I can return
and there we can live,
truly live.

"We are nourished and tenderly cherished for Christ's sake"
  -Martin Luther

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wind's whisper
wave's song as it reaches shore
father helping, guiding children
red-winged blackbirds flying to their nest in the cattails
bookworm daughter turning 9
being given a beautiful, old dog for our family
bright, beautiful full moon
children catching fish
visit with brother and family
being cold
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  1. Oh, friend! I've been away too long. You should link this to L.L. Barkat's On, In, and Around Mondays at Seedlings in Stone. Seriously.

  2. Oh, I remember when my children were that small. I loooove your header! Makes me teary-eyed even thinking back to how fast they grow up!

  3. Visiting from Ann's blog today :) Your poem is wonderful - full of emotion and great word pictures. May your week be full in Him and joyous with your family.

  4. Sweet post. I love that Martin Luther quote, your yellow sweater, and that you're reading Give Them Grace... I really want to read it!

  5. This poat just made me smile.
    The pictures are so heartwarming.
    You have such sweet children.
    What happy memories for them to cherish :)