to the one who found me on google

To the one who found me on google
by typing in "how to make a marriage last with kids",

Whispering broken prayers for you as
I think on the silent pain you must be feeling,
your heart overflowing with love for the family He has given,
your sorrow breaking forth, threatening to flood everything else.
Oh that you would search out help in this anonymous world,
bless you dear one,
looking for that answer that will fix aching vows,
and I pray that my rocky words have spoken something deep to your heart,
and I offer to you all I have to give...
the only thing I know to do,
love him.
Just love him by
loving Him.
 And when feelings are lost amidst a toil of raw emotion,
when tears cover face instead of his lips,
when words hurt stronger than physical pain ever could,
and when loneliness seeps in and threatens to consume you,
remember he is gift,
just as they are gifts,
that love will win because
God will win,
and if you just hold on
a bit
just love him
no matter what,
hope will burst forth as light of new day,
and you will hold each other once again.

I pray for you.
Just love him.


  1. this is why blogs are important, not for our own vanity, but for people, all of us, who have secrets we don't speak aloud. we need each remind us what is truth.

  2. Bless you, dear friend. Praying God uses your words to bless and to heal. I love you and your big, old heart.

  3. wow, this is something.....I love your deep writing it speaks.

  4. I second the comment about how we need one another. Blogs are important. They provide a forum for sharing honesty, beauty, love and tenderness. They can be like offering a hand, a smile, reaching out.
    You reach out with your words Amy :)
    And they touch souls.
    God Bless.