to win a (fake) prize

Sweatshirt pink with kitties on it
sitting staring at me amongst the other belongings
in the lost and found
and I,
just a kindergartener,
could not look away, wanting it so badly and
wanted me, I knew.
Sneaking home with it that day,
hiding in my little pink backpack,
no plan in mind just
happiness at my new sweatshirt.
And when my parents found it that night
I conjured up a story
that made perfect sense in my five year old mind,
"I won it in a race."

Yes I thought it was a superb story,
my kindergarten class having a race,
the prize being an old, dingy, dirty
pink kitty sweatshirt.  And as I basked in my supposed triumph,
new sweatshirt, parents who believed me,
my mama looked me in the eyes and said,
"Well, I will just call your teacher in the morning
and thank her."
Then burst forth my tears, my pleadings, my excuses
as to why they just. couldn't. call.
Until all else failed,
and excuses turned into truth,
through tears came admittance and
my humbling walk to the lost and found
in the morning to return my most

To consider how desperate I was for my prize,
and what a crummy little prize it was,
the lengths I went to
in order to attain such garbage,
how blind my little self was.
And yet now I run the true race,
the only which matters,
with a prize more glorious, more beautiful,
more precious than I ever could have
And to tell someone where it came from...
no fabrications needed,
I merely have to mention that
Name above all names
for which we do not steal from the lost and found
but give all that we have,
all that we are,
because we were the aching, lonely lost,
we were the ugly old sweatshirts and He,
the Only One we could fit,
He sought us, He found us,
He mended us into beauty,
and all because He loves us.

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  1. Amen, yes! It's about time. So glad you're writing again. Cause when you do, it's a work of art.

  2. great story, I'm amazed you remember it at all! And it is so cute how hard you fought for something like that :)

  3. oh, the things we hold on to, the excuses that bind us, and then the REAL prize revealed!!! so glad to hear you again!!!

  4. This is truly beautiful. It made me a kindergartener again.

  5. smiles. i remember those days...and i plead withmy parents as well a time or two when caught...but it is good to be caught by the one at the end of our real race...

  6. you are brilliant; I love the way God uses you to share truth in a very real way.

  7. Every time I come here to your space I realize how much I have missed your sweet words. This is beautiful and real. Oh that my writing would be like this, oh that I would be bold and not afraid to share my heart, my stories.

  8. I love your story about the pink sweatshirt.
    "Mended us into beauty" -yes.
    Beautiful post...

  9. It is about time. :) I have missed reading your writing. Glad to see you join in again at imperfect prose. Have a great week!

  10. oh amy i've missed you... and i wish you could have somehow kept the pink sweatshirt :) i love the analogy friend. brilliant. xo

  11. Lovely words, thank so much for sharing.

    Found you through The High Calling Network. Thanks for being a part of the community!

  12. Amy, you came up somewhere in a conversation among The High Calling folks, and I'm glad I stopped by to read this little poem.

    No wasted words here and something about the way you wrote this particular line, even starting with the word "Then," caught my attention:

    "Then burst forth my tears, my pleadings, my excuses
    as to why they just. couldn't. call."

  13. He's the best sweatshirt we'll ever put on. And He's the only one we'll ever need.

    Lovely to read your thoughts again.