to pray

She weeps tears like rain falls and
shakes with anxiety she can't calm,
wondering aloud why she can't have the faith that I do,
wishing for it,
denying it,
tearing herself apart for being without it.

And I sit in silence,
knowing this could be me,
I too a constant worrier,
allowing emotions to overwhelm and
only able to push past where she is by God's grace.
Praises fall from lips for His Sovereignty,
lifting me up out of the cycle of
worry, fear, emotion,
to a place of peace...

And as I watch her tears,
hear her cries,
I pray His peace to fall on her too,
for there is no reason to live without fear,
no reason to not feel constant anxiety,
but Him...
only Him.
yet she denies,
continues to live in sorrow,
accepts her sorrow,
and I continue to pray...

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