to hide from words

I drink words and breathe words,
they give life and sustain me in dark caverns
and yet lately they have been my enemy,
sneaking up behind me and whispering pain,
biting me deeply,
until I look for an escape from these words I have held
so dear.

And I search for those words that wash over me,
showering me with scent of love,
of peace,
but all I find are words repeating themselves,
words that tear,
that cut.
And so I sit in silence,  pondering words that bring pain
instead of those which bring all that is good,
those words which flow from mouths that once spoke
supposed love and support,
and now,
nothing but

Ah, but don't worry.  I hold fast to His true words of life,
I know who I am,
just feeling sadness at the words threatening to
knock me down.


  1. I have a friend (Ethel's daughter, actually) who says when she starts hearing words that are lies, she sticks her fingers in her ears and screams, "I can't hear you!" Maybe you could try that. Except when I'm speaking to you, of course. Love you, you know.

  2. Dear Heavenly Father: Thank you for Amy. Thank You for her decision to live her life as Your child, also as the mother of 7+ children. What an amazing thing it is to be the child of a perfect Parent...& the parent of even one child created in Your image. Your word says, Lord, that children are blessings, so Amy is blessed, indeed, & she has been chosen as a great vessel of life. I know You have a perfect plan for her & for the each of her children, & I can't wait to read, Lord, as Your plans unfold. I pray, Father, for Amy's strength of body and spirit. It takes a lot of such strength to carry a baby, especially when there are other children in the home. I know she can do all things w/ Christ's strength, & I just pray, Father, that You will help her to know & feel it, too. I pray that--if it's Your will--the negative voices will be hushed, the negative words kept beneath bitten tongues. I pray the helpers in, Father, and the others out & away. We will praise & thank You, no matter what, for looking down on us w/ love & using all things for good b/c we love You, Lord, & we HAVE been called according to Your purpose. Fill Amy w/ boldness, confidence, love. Thank You especially for this child she carries; I suspect this 7th one will do especially great things. We love You, Lord. Amen.

  3. Words are so powerful Amy!
    I know those painful, hurtful words well.
    I pray that His words will always overcome the others for you Amy :)