to write stuff

may i recap a recent conversation?  i find it quite... humorous.

speaking with an old friend, she questions me about my writing...

"so, i hear you are a writer."

"well...i write.  i wouldn't necessarily put the "er" at the end."

"what do you write?  because bob (name has been changed to
protect the innocent) told me you wrote poetry."

"um, i guess i do sometimes.  it's more like i don't like to write full lines,
so i press enter when i feel like it and that kind of puts my writing in
verse which makes people call it poetry sometimes."

"so you're a poet?"

"i'm a non-sentence liker.  i guess i'm just impatient when i write.
but yes, you could say i write poems sometimes."

"what do you write?"

"stories about life, faith, family."

"like fiction?"

"well, no.  more like my life, faith, family."

"oh so you're writing an autobiography?"

"no, just stories of my life."

"and poems?"

"stories of my life in poem-like form."

"ooohhh.  i don't get it."

"neither do i."

"how about i just call you a writer?"



  1. How 'bout we all just call you a writer?

  2. I love reading your writings. That's funny that people want to put a label on everything, compartmentalize...I enjoy your poem form of family, faith, and so on.

  3. I LOVE this!! I have been in that same conversation. Why is it so hard for us to admit that we are writers? We write, thus writer's.. right? :)

  4. My favorite part?

    "so you're a poet?"

    "i'm a non-sentence liker."

    I like your sentences however they show up, whether chopped into verse or spread across the page.

    Thanks for letting us listen in!

  5. I can so relate to this...they don't know what to do with us, do they?

  6. Ha ha! It's fun to read your non-sentence liking, poem-like form blog on life, faith, and family. =)

  7. This is really funny....I could see myself offering those same answers...
    I loved reading through this!
    You're a writer.
    Now just don't ask me if I'm one... :)