to tell myself it's okay

I am tired.
There is food on the floor left over from dinner and I do not have the motivation
to sweep it.
Tonight I put my baby to sleep at 6:30.  I may regret it in the morning,
but now, I am breathing deeply.
My twins are dirty and waiting for a bath and pajamas,
which probably won't come.
Not tonight.

Bookworm daughter and sensitive artist child are outside
running free,
they haven't done their evening chores,
and I probably won't go find them to make them,
hopefully they will come back soon.
Husband and eldest child are watching baseball,
baseball season, the only time of year our television is on,
and only for the Dodgers.
I am so tired, and so unmotivated to do those things I should be doing,
but my family is at rest,
enjoying themselves and each other,
the sun is shining, still,
baby beat it in going down tonight,
and though I feel a bit of guilt letting things go,
letting all run wild,
I think it's okay.
I think I can drink these moments in,
moments of home disarray but
joy seeping through veins,
in smiles,
in children roaming in evening breeze,
neglecting work but feeding imagination and
They cannot come that often,
but sometimes I need to breathe and
tell myself,
it's okay.

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  1. Actually I think that responding to the balmy evening by letting yourself and the kids just play and enjoy and let the to do list go sounds absolutely brilliant. If you want my opinion.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful evening of exercising wisdom and discretion. Your babies are blessed. Father and son watching baseball together--something about that just made me cry.

  3. This brought up memories of when mine were little, every stage is filled with it's struggles yet with it's joy. For some reason it made me think of when we would have watermelon string cheese and pretzels for dinner :-).

  4. These are those moments of "quiet breathing". Enjoy.

  5. Have I mentioned that I completely adore your writing style? Well I do! I love coming here and seeing new posts, its like Christmas morning. Hope you are doing well friend!