to say i love you

we were young and in love,
soon to be married but not yet,
working at competing coffee shops in the same town.
early morning gray found us opening,
both arriving at our respective cafes at 5.
he knew i was awake, working across town,
and i was so aware of his morning work,
and with each other in mind we set about our tasks,
brewing black, setting out breakfast delight,
making a comforting, welcoming environment for the morning crowd.
the idea struck me quick when i saw the car and i knew i had but a moment.
i grab pen and paper, or rather pastry bag, the closest thing to paper i had nearby,
and write a short note.
in walks first visitor of the day, the bagel delivery man,
and i ask had he been to other cafes yet,
and he answered,
no, we were first stop.
so i give him young girl pleading look and ask,
please, would he deliver this folded note for me when he delivered bagels
across town.
he smiles, laughs, takes bag turned note in hand,
and drives away.
ten minutes later i can picture him,
tall, handsome, confused,
taking note from delivery man, unfolding bag and reading heart words,
"good morning!  i love you!  have a wonderful day.  love, your soon to be wife"
 shortly, phone rings, his voice makes heart swoon,
"i love you too. thanks.  that made me smile."

and i'm thinking on this, the ways we show love, the things we do,
while considering the many, countless ways He shows love to us...

440 slow, lazy days
441 children dressing in costume and playing
442 watching eldest become a man, and a wise one
443 admitting (learning to admit) when i am wrong and
444 trying to remedy it
445 gardening in the sunshine with the kiddos and
446 hummingbirds and butterflies flying overhead
447 the Peace of God
448 cool morning air
449 every day a new day
450 lying on quilt in shade reading with the kids
451 He cares for us

in all these ways, He is telling us He loves us,
these are His love notes, written on baggies, scribbled out amongst the heavens,
saying, simply, and amazingly, "I love you."


  1. this is sooooo sweet! It makes me want to find a 'new' way to say, "I love you!" Have a great week!

  2. Coming in from Ann's - what a great list...and I am reminded to say "I Love You" is specific, special, unique to each ways from reading here today...Thank you for sharing...


  3. Oh I love this story! So romantic, it made me smile from ear to ear!
    443, from your list is one I can relate to this week :)

  4. Awww! What a romantic story. (An example of resourcefulness, too, with that paper bag.)


  5. Swooning here! A falling-in-love story set in, not one but TWO, coffee shops! Romance and caffeine--that's what really makes the world go round! Am coveting your hummingbirds. Hugs!

  6. This is the best love story ever.
    YOu romantic, you.

  7. What a great love story. Thankful for the peace of God and that He cares for us also, and lets us know with love notes as well. Good list, Have a blessed week.

  8. It is so true that in childhood we did not had reasons to say i love you but we still used to say it anyway because ours hearts were pure and full of love. Growing up has its own disadvantages and advantages too off course. I will remember this message of yours.
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  9. I do so love hearing a good love story. This is beautiful!

  10. Just too sweet!!!! Nothing like a good love story == a coffee shop, and a delivery guy taking a note, and love!!! And I loved your list of gratitudes this week. It was the icing on the cake! Thank you!