to trust Him

when you wake up in the morning and find the world
has been broken,
when your friends are evacuated from their homes,
and you watch tsunami waves lapping at your shore
just ten miles from where you nurse your babes and
read to your children,
when the pier you walked down just the week before
with your husband
is made waterless,
the ocean pulling itself back,
beyond the end,
so you could have walked around it
on the sand,
when they tell you to prepare,
it's headed your way next,

but the sun still shines,
and your seeds are sprouting;
green onions,
and the children are playing games,
laughing and
and you can read His words and find all comfort,
snuggle your babes,
kiss your husband,
and remember

God's in his Heaven -
All's right with the world!

then you can move on,
you can live,
you can breathe,
you can trust Him
and know
He is good.


  1. Keep laughing, dancing, snuggling, and kissing friend. And may God continue to give you peace.

  2. This is beautiful.
    He stands and we can hold on to Him.
    In Love :)

  3. so glad you are well, and that you can dance in the dark middle of fear. (and you are absolutely right: He continues to reign completely and with so much love.)

  4. Our only stable ground is Jesus. So much tumult everywhere else. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I was evacuated due to fire a few years ago and it was hard to not allow that emergency situation to consume me. I'm so glad you have peace and that so far our coast has unreasonably and mercifully been spared.

  6. it is a scary big world we live in that is often unpredictable by our terms...it is good we have that assurance...

  7. it is a yucky, yucky world. but it's gonna be redeemed. and i wanna be there.

  8. So beautiful! Hang on tight to His love friend, hang on tight.

  9. I can think of nothing better or more complete to say than: amen. I hope you are well, that those you love are safe...
    I found you at Imperfect prose.

  10. Your words always get me! I love the hope in this. Thank you!

  11. oh amy... yes. he makes everything right, even when the world seems spinning out of control. i love that your seeds are sprouting. xo

  12. Yes, it is so so good to have the foundations to fall back on! I deal with a guilt complex when bad things happen close to me or to people I love - why wasn't it me? Or at least, why can't I be there with them? But those questions don't matter, like you say... all that matters is the faith and love foundation upon which we stand.

  13. Amy you have a grateful heart that seeks God....what a beautiful blessing! :-)

  14. What Nancy said...and everyone else who encouraged you. Hugs