to plant at nancy's...

do you know nancy?
if you read here often, most likely you do,
but if you don't
you really, really should meet her...
she's lovely,
she's witty,
she's wise,
think of good adjectives and most likely she fits them.

she is so supportive of me
and encouraging,
and she has graciously asked me to
guest post,
one of her favorite posts of mine,
at her place today,
so head on over,
read it,
and meet nancy...

1 comment:

  1. It is a beautiful post, and my heart so resonates with the idea of planting seeds. We should be like Johnny Appleseed, scattering little bits everywhere we go and then just keep moving. In most cases, it's not our job to stick around and see if it's going to grow.

    Once I was at a bar in Santa Cruz with a bunch of writers and editors. There was a young girl there who was hurting badly and acting out of it - much like the girl in your post. I felt like I was supposed to go and give her a simple word of encouragement, so I did, then I went back and sat down.

    I don't know if anything I said that night made a difference in the girl's life, and I will probably never know, but that's not the point. My job was to take that seed and place it in her hand.

    I love this. I relate to this. Thank you.