to have the fog lift

you know when you are driving in the fog,
just  a light fog,
you don't really notice it,
but then you pull out of the haziness
into the sun, light shining gloriously around you,
and it suddenly dawns on you that you were just surrounded by
the fog,
impairing your vision, causing hidden dangers,
and how amazing,
how beautiful the other side of the fog
now appears?

this morning i awoke into the sunlight.
God in absolute control,
and no predictions,
no warnings
matter at all...
only Him,
only Him.
i saw clearly this morning,
and was suddenly so aware of the fog i had been in
this past week,
the overwhelming despair and anxiety that was controlling
my every move, word, thought,
how unaware i was to my fog,
until He lifted me out of it.

And He is beautiful,
and life is beautiful,
and if the storm begins,
if it looks like we are going to go down,
i will not be the one with little faith,
i will not wake Him up,
i will remember that if the boat goes down,
He is going down with us,
and there is no place i would rather be...
and until then, i am going to live each moment
for the here,
the now,
knowing "He's got the whole world in His Hands."

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  1. Awesome post. Very inspiring words and message.