to enjoy him and Him

we drive away from six and i swallow hard,
not certain i can do this
but husband wants to spoil me, be with just me,
and oldest child,
so wise beyond his years, so close to the title of man
"go.  i can do this. we will be fine."
and as car pulls onto road away from six whom have never been all alone, all together
my mind cannot leave them, and the questions are constant,
"are you sure we should?"  "do you think they will be okay?"  "maybe we should go somewhere closer?"
but husband who loves me so deep and wide
is determined to take me away, to our favorite restaraunt, 30 minutes away,
and i feel such anxiety, but i will. let. him. take. me.

i try to settle down, to enjoy being with him,
to not let worry overcome this once in a blue moon moment.
and so we arrive at the little cafe by the sea,
eat, talk deep talk not had in so long,
hold hands over table and gaze into love eyes.
and when we leave, i sigh, content,
ready to rush back to six,
but he turns car wrong direction and i gasp.
"relax, they're okay.  just a few more minutes."

he drives along ocean to pier as sun begins to set,
getting out while darkness looms,
we link arms and walk the way into the ocean,
just the two of us,
night falling quickly,
cold air whipping us mightily,
and we hold each other, looking over edge,
we talk of children and God,
i tell him of gratitude, and daughter's journal,
we breathe in ocean air and deeper love.

and when we finally make it home six children are beautiful.
clean house, pajamas, smiles and a movie,
and we cuddle them and kiss them,
and i whisper gratitude for

night walk down pier arm in arm with husband
cool ocean breeze blows through our hair, on our face
darting lines of clouds from pier as night falls
smiles from others walking
date with husband at
favorite restaraunt, Del's
coming home to beautiful, happy six
twin girls secret language
baby moses "blowing out" candles
baby walking with bucket on his head, laughing, enjoying every moment
children smiling at their siblings
baby learning to give kisses


  1. I'm so glad you went! What a good, good man. You're right, it is so hard to leave your babies behind--it's like leaving behind pieces of your heart. Sounds like a beautiful evening. Happy for you, friend.

    P.S. The computer gave me the word "grudging" to verify that I'm a real person leaving this comment. How is that possible? I am most definitely NOT grudging where you are concerned!

  2. That's beautiful! Glad you had a good time. By the way, I'm a new hooked me when I read that you light candles and forget to blow them out! ha! Me too...

  3. I remember feeling the same way when mine were young. Date nights are good though. Happy parents-happy house. love you.

  4. date nights are wonderful, but leaving the little ones bhind for the first time is so very hard... Enjoy this time in your life. It only gets better... I have a 17 and 13 year old... so I've been leting go for a while. Never cutting strings, just loosening them a little... I loved our heartfelt words and I felt your heart pangs. I am so glad you had a great time.

  5. Great post! I love to read other people's eucharisteo.....

  6. we had some time this weekend, too, and it wasn't away, but the littles were asleep and it was just perfection in the midst of chaos, as only a younger parent can possibly know!
    and being one half of twin language, it truly is a gift!!
    i love your list.
    and your word verify is definitely not happy w/ you b/cs mine is spite!!!! what is up!?!? LOL

  7. Oh, how beautiful!!!! I have shivers and am so blessed today for having been here! Thank you for that insight into a beautiful, inspring evening!!!

  8. I’m here from Ann’s again - kind late - but I'm here. – it’s Friday – well after Multitude Monday – but I wanted to read as many as I could. I heart these lists :) That post is enough to make the Grinch’s heart melt – that is love – I heart that what you wrote and how you wrote it.

    And when I read through the lists I like to think about it a little and pick a favorite – my favorite from yours was - twin girls secret language (because I have twin brothers – and they still have their secret language – and they’re 40!!!)

    I liked reading this today. {smiling}

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours