to count the smiles

their smiles always get me.
in deep sorrow, frustrations, annoyances,
a smile on one of their faces cuts through
and makes my heart beat again.
maybe that's why He gave me so many,
He knew the depth of the sorrow i would feel,
the anxiety that would creep up on me,
and He gave me a young face to smile
everywhere i would turn.

today i am counting smiles...

353 moses smile

354 hannah smile

355 ruth smile

356 josiah smile

357 layla smile

358 ian smile
359 husband smile


  1. The thing I love about smiles is that they're contagious.

  2. Looks like Ann’s linky may not go up today – so I thought – where can I go to get some thankfuls – and I came here ƪ(◠‿◠)╯

    Normally I pick a favorite – but look at all those smiles – I bet you can’t!!! {smile}

    May God Bless and Keep you and make his to face shine upon you and yours.

  3. AAwwwww.....they are so precious. You are rich my friend!

  4. I am lovin' the happy jumpy chaos in the backround of the Ian Smile pic!

  5. What a beautiful thing to count!!! :)

  6. Somehow, and for some reason, we put different values on our gratitudes. But this????? These all rate up there with "priceless!!!" I will bet I find NONE that top this today! Thank you for your post and for your list today. I go away smiling!