to consider the differences

One of my three year old twins is balding.  Her hair is thin and practically non-existent on the sides, and there is one long clump that hangs down the back, but it is slowly falling out as well.

Her twin sister has beautiful flowing hair, halfway down her back.  The perfect wheat blond color, straight and soft.

The balding twin eats a piece of chocolate, even just one m'n'm, and ends up with chocolate smeared all. over. her face.  Even on her ears. And unless we clean it off, she will leave it there and just add to the mess throughout the day.

Her sister keeps a napkin nearby at every meal and wipes, desperately, each minute mark that might possibly be some sort of food or anything else which is on her and is not supposed to be.  She hates to feel the mess on her.

Messy, bald twin will get a runny nose and just let it.. run.  It doesn't bother her to have snot running into her mouth, or all over her cheeks.  We have to catch her and wipe her nose, and she fights it.

The clean sister feels any drop or possibility of snot coming near the opening of her nostril and panics.  Tears well in her eyes and she begins to whimper, eventually finding words to say, "I have boogers."  And we help her find tissue, and she wipes, and then,finally, she can relax. 

I think of  them, knit together in the womb, and yet so utterly different.
And I can't quite breathe when I consider the awesomeness of it all.
And He knows... each of us, intimately...
better than we know ourselves. 
Each of us, so different,
each, a unique creation,
each, loved completely.


my amazing, unique twins
 one asleep, one awake... trying desperately, to stay awake

 sleeping, while standing?

 twin 2 failed, sleep finding her

 sleeping, together, so beautiful

 twins creating, learning, doing

twins playing, reading, smiling
being loved completely
cannot thank Him enough for the joy they bring


  1. Twins, it is amazing how much alike but different they can be. I love where one is wide awake and the other is trying but just flops over and sleeps, so cute! I love your blog and can't wait to read more. I am a follower (smile)

    Have a good week, Marlece

  2. Awww what gorgeous snuggle bunnys! You are blessed. And your a wise mom too.

  3. being one of a set of multiples (triplets, but i'm one of the identicals; our 3rd sis is fraternal) this post is sweet to me. i lived in and fought against labels my whole life... and i realize it was precisely that need to know i was unique, specially made. my identical and i are pretty alike, tho we certainly have our differences!! anyway, i love this appreciation for their knit togetherness and singleness as well.

  4. First – thank you so much for the sharing about the snotty noses – Monday magic. ƪ(◠‿◠)╯ And my favorite from your list today… sleeping, together, so beautiful (because I’m not sure if I mentioned before – but I have twin brothers – I remember them when they were this small – and I know how close they have always been – your girls will always have a best friend.)

    God Bless and keep you and yours

  5. Your babies are so beautiful, they make my heart hurt (in a good way).

  6. So precious! The pictures just too cute!!! But best of all, is your heart! Thank you for sharing so much it with us!

  7. YOur pictures are great capturing the moments of your day!

    I am a new follower, please stop by and consider returning the favor. All for His glory!