to live a simple day

the rain is still falling,
for days and
children embrace sibling love
putting together puzzles
by light of candle
and i know it is only momentary,
that soon their togetherness
will cease,
a match for self is
certain to occur,
and all that will continue
is rain

we move on
in slow day fashion,
roast in the crockpot,
body filling bread baking in oven,
music soothes the restless
and i watch
and read
and listen,
and i think i am always doing at least one
i wonder who i would be
if i stopped,
but i think i won't for i am
girl of words and thoughts
and always have been,
and the rain

young ones fight and i
close my eyes,
try to keep from jumping in,
for i am usually too quick
to intervene
and i pray peace,
and peace comes swift
for they move on
and i whisper gratitude,
breathe deep,
this time was successful,
but each time is a new time,
and next
i hope
will be,
but i know it may not be
and the rain

we fold laundry,
piles of deep washed clothes,
and i dig in hazy mind to remember
what it once was like
folding laundry of only three,
not eight,
and i cannot find it,
and i count it grace that the work does not
seem more,
only what it ever was,
and we finish and walk to various rooms,
depositing clothing
which we will rewash and
fold and
put away again in only
a few days and
the rain keeps falling

potatoes are peeled and mashed,
roast rests,
gravy is made thick and
vegetables are seasoned
table cleaned and set by young one
quick to help and
love by service,
and i smile,
pleased to nourish family with food
born throughout the slow day,
i imagine eight sitting down,
enjoying food,
smiling, but
i know my family better than that,
and eldest daughter refuses to eat potatoes,
while seven year old won't
touch meat,
and three year old twins
eat nothing but a bite,
and baby throws all on ground,
dinner ends,
and the rain
keeps falling

at close of long day
we sit by fire,
enjoying each other with laughter and stories,
and i think how lacking this day was
of excitement,
but peace was here and
Peace was here,
and daughter smiles,
"this was a good day"
and i smile because
i knew it was and
i'm so pleased that
she did too,
and here,
the rain is still
  On In Around button
204 the slow, simple days
205 old rocking chair to rock my babies
206 birds singing out the window
207 wind chimes ringing ferociously, announcing the storm
208 spring flowers blooming in february
209 children learning to work out their own problems
210 reading and learning with little ones
211 beautiful music flowing through house throughout day
212 charlotte mason and her delightful methods
213 amazing scent of delicious soup simmering on stove
214 symphony of the wind and rain
215 wind rattling old old windows
216 running through freezing rain with little girl
217 my lap being fought over by numerous little ones
218 a husband who calls me all day long, whenever he gets a chance, just to say hi
219 mounds of clean laundry
220 daughter making bread alone for the first time
221 folk songs
222 memorizing scripture with children
223 long skirts flapping in the wind
224 coming into the warmth after the outdoor cold
225 being "freezing" cold outside, and it's really only 45 degrees
226 my boy turning seven
227 his smile
228 sound of rain on roof, drumming a beat of love
229 man pulling up (not a delivery man) to give me my long-awaited, thought lost in the mail and forgotten, a
       month after i was supposed to get it, copy of One Thousand Gifts!!!


  1. amy, i just love your list. it warms my heart b/cs of its simplicity and being in the moment and the resting. rain falls, yes, and so, too, grace, eh? so much accomplished here: she makes bread, he turns 7, copy delivered (mine i'm afraid is lost in mail as well!!), and Bread of Life lived out.
    yes, these are Good Gifts.

  2. I’m here from Ann’s today.

    And you know what – you write a little like her – your words have that Ann – flow. 

    And of your list this is my favorite – 217 my lap being fought over by numerous little ones – because of the joy it brings – and the love – the love – and the stories of it that will last a long long time.

    Reading this list of yours today - a blessing. Thank you.

    God Bless and keep you and yours

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day, Amy. I found you through LL Barkat's Seedlings in Stone. Blessings to you!

  4. Peace in the home with rain falling all around. Such a gift of grace. And, amen and amen to #218.

  5. Your list resonates with me. Your poetry speaks to my heart and my own days.
    And the rain falls... beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your day, your words and your heart.

  6. I found you and your rainy day via L. L. Barkat's meme...I enjoyed reading your poem. The scenes unfolded like a movie with your player providing the background music.