to go to the holy ground

i tread softly,
and i am afraid to speak,
and if i were not afraid,
no words would be sufficient
this is a place like any other
for most people,
a place to be ignored
and trampled upon,
a place easily forgotten

and yet for me this place
holds life,
wrapped up in the midst of houses
and cars driving by at
high speeds,
in what is probably the most unscenic
area of town,
here i stand,
and this,
for me,
is  holy ground

and how do you speak on holy ground,
any words but whispered,
tear-stained prayer,
how do you stand without
knees buckling underneath you,
and shakily fall
and lie in your tears
upon that
holy ground?

and when foot traffic passes you by
and you know their speech is
marveling over the oddity in front of them,
but you can't seem to find it in you
to care,
because here you are,
pouring all out,
bearing heart and soul,
and next to you lies a candy wrapper,
and someone's trash can is behind you on the street
awaiting the trash man,
but you are breathing in life,
and refreshment
and you feel His Hand resting on your back,
and nothing matters but
on holy ground

there is a house full of beautiful children
wondering where mama is,
a husband aware of wife's retreat,
spoiling and loving beautiful children
while they wait,
and this place,
here, now,
why did i run here?
why did i have to drop all that
life held,
and come?

as i chopped vegetables,
and dropped them in the pan,
my lips sang words,
"o, lead me,
to the place
where i can find you.
o, lead me,
to the place
where you'll be.
lead me to the cross,
where we first met,
draw me to my knees,
so we can talk,
let me feel
your breathe,
let me know
you're here with me..."

and the soup simmered,
and the children played,
and the
and the husband said,
and i ended up here,
tears staining
holy ground

with refreshed soul,
gratitude on lips,
i leave,
to return to that loud house
of a half dozen kiddos,
the soup still simmering,
the husband,
ready to say "go"
whenever the need may arise,
and Him,
who is with me always and
but knows when we need that
dose of awe,
of reverence,
which comes
when we spend some time
holy ground


  1. Very beautiful and inspiring word. Love it!!!! Feel free to visit my blog anytime

  2. Beautiful! Simply Beautiful!So much of the mother reaching for God!