to float as a feather

i have been bogged down,
and i have cried a lot,
 i have felt like a feather in an ocean,
been pushed every way,
unable to move on my own,
feeling like i'm drowning,
yet remaining,
been dragged away from
the life raft,
when that is where i am
to be
and still i am
thinking i need to fight against
the current,
the waves,
the wind,
the ocean,
but i am just a
freaking feather!!!

and then my mental struggle subsides,
for i realize
no matter how immobile i may be,
He holds me up,
no matter how unable i may be,
He is moving me
in His direction,
to the place He wants me,
be it the life raft,
an island or
the middle of the ocean,
that's where He wants me and
He will sustain me

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button, at nancy's suggestion?


  1. Well God has certainly blessed your pen! Blog hopping today...


  2. I loved (and needed) this picture today. Thank you for reminding me I'm just a "freaking feather" and to stop fighting the current and float. : )

  3. but i am just a
    freaking feather!!!

    I love the real in that, frustrated, humble and real. Made me smile, too. The jolting voice of the real in the middle of the poetic imagery. I liked it. (Should I say real one more time?)

  4. Love it! I am just a freaking feather...I have never used those words but I have yelled that at God.

    What a great reminder to stop fighting the loving hands that are holding me.

  5. wow. the second part brought tears to my eyes, especially the very last line. God has brought me here and He will sustain me! Amen!

  6. i feel like a "freaking feather" quite often myself. Thanks for giving me a new way of thinking about it! :)

  7. wow, i loved the bit about the 'freaking feather' but i see that everyone else did too :) i sensed your sadness in this... i'm praying for buoyant joy for you...

  8. you got me lol'ing there!! that's when you grabbed me; then you brought me close to the face of God for some real peace.

  9. Oh, being a feather! So small and out of control. But so free, free to live and free to be guided! I love this picture.

  10. Maybe you should design a Freaking Feather blog button that we could all post on our sites. Seems like there are a lot of us out here!

  11. Um...I really do need to watch what I say! And people really should be careful about following my suggestions! Oh, you've made me laugh, friend!

  12. oh but nancy,you are so clever! i will always listen to you :)