to salvage a day

when a baby doesn't sleep at night,
trying to breathe and nurse through a stuffy nose,
and doesn't understand why it's not working,

when a printer doesn't work
and a wife can't print up necessary papers for
husband's work that day,
and this makes him late

when children are grumpy
and don't want to listen,
or at least you think they are
and don't,
and every look they give,
every sound they make
you think is intentionally against
and your head is pounding,
you haven't had a cup of coffee yet,
the baby won't nap,
and your three year old twins are
your morning of school that was so
planned out
has fallen apart,
and you are about ready to crawl into bed
and hide for the rest of the day,
but it's only eleven o'clock...

and you know if things don't change soon,
they will only get worse,
so you close your eyes,
whisper prayers of
"help me find You today" 
open a bible and read
and you take each child,
hug them tightly,
kiss their head,
say to them
"i'm sorry we have had
a hard morning.
let's start over, ok?"

and when they look up and see your smile,
they smile back and say
and suddenly there is peace,
and the baby is napping,
and you are drinking coffee,
reading the Words of Life,
little ones are quietly playing,
bigger ones clean up lunch
on their own
and settle down with their books
to begin their lessons
and you breathe deep,
because He salvaged your day.

thank You Lord for helping us start over.  thank You for the peace You bring.  Continue to guide us and satisfy us, for we can do nothing without You.


  1. It really is as if those words are living and active, don't you think?

    But seriously, trying to start the day without coffee? What WERE you thinking? ;)

  2. i know nancy, seriously. it all had to do with the printer... trying to fix it, no time for coffee, and it was all downhill from there :)