to celebrate

he turns one and
we smother him with our affections,
smiles and hugs,
and we make him stay awake
to eat cake and
enjoy celebrations and
he just wants to
and have a clean diaper...

but he smiles at us throughout the day,
and humors us as we lift him up
in prayer
and thank God for him
and take him to his favorite places
and make him cake he

and when he,
little one year old,
falls asleep hours early that night,
we say he had a great
first birthday,
and thank God for him
and we laugh at how the celebration
was more for us
than him,
more for his five siblings,
who coddled him all day,
telling him how much
they love him,
who are sad when he
sleeps because,
they say,
you can't go to sleep early
on your birthday.

and they ask,
"mama, did moses like his birthday?"
and they are so pleased
when i say that
he did.

i think of how precious and simple
he is,
merely wanting his needs met,
while we force celebration upon him,
and how much wisdom there is in that,
his young mentality,
how backwards we are that we
cry out when our needs are met
because He is not
giving us more...

how wise the baby is,
to want
and be content with
just what he needs,
now if only i could...

i'm thanking Him today
for giving me what i need
and more...

171beautiful moses,
172turning one,
173healthy and
175family games bringing forth
176laughter from
177children and
179looking at the night sky
180reading outdoors to children
181gardening as a family,
182working together,
184cleaning together
185smiles from all
186little girl whispers,
187"mama, you're the best."
188before bed game of indoor football
189another day on the horizon


  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for the reminder. God bless your family today!

  2. You are so wise. I love the way you see.

  3. Great thoughts on childlike faith. JUST BE. Let your needs be met.

  4. Beautiful list, Amy! Happyist 1st birthday to your dear little guy!

    I LOVE that Secret Garden music!! I might have to put it on a playlist also!

    Many blessings!