to watch the new year fall like snow...

there was snow
lots of snow
and it was piling up outside,
and still falling
and my face was plastered to the window,
in awe,
this was my first year in snow
and it was taking my breath away

new years eve,
stuck to a window,
and not just me,
but my children too,                     
only 5 at the time,
and it was just beautiful
our first snowy winter,
and i hesitated to look away
for fear of losing the holy moment,
for to me it was a holy moment,
so much that tears were rolling down my cheeks
and all noise was gone,
and prayers were being whispered from
my trembling lips

for this snow
made me understand new years eve
before this snow
celebrations eluded me,
i could not grasp the point of celebrating the year changing,
even as a child
i didn't care,
y2k, 17 years old,
i spent that new years eve alone,
in bed at ten,
it was all so pointless to me

but this snow,
perfect and white and glistening,
everything i saw,
that i was used to seeing every day,
looked innocent and new,
it was a new place, a new world,
a new experience,
new feeling
and i could think of nothing else but His words,
“Behold, I make all things new."
and i felt it, i knew it was true,
and here i was,
a NEW creation,
with my family ready to celebrate
this NEW year
looking on this NEW world
and the Author of it all was watching
and loving
and making

and i understood,
with my face to the window,
tears in my eyes
and praise on my lips,
i was celebrating the new year,
because He makes new,
 the old has gone, the New has come...

happy new year my friends,
may it be a holy moment for you,
anticipating the new
that He brings...


  1. Yes...the making all things new. This is so precious to me. Happy New Year, friend!

  2. I've always known snow, so I've never had that moment where all things seem new--for me, in fact, it seems more like that moment when it all melts away and the grass greens up. But I can certainly imagine the magic of a blanket of white coating the earth for one who has never before witnessed it.

    May this be a year of New for you, dear Amy: New words, New insights, New poetry, New life, New joy.

  3. happy new year amy!!!
    i remember my first magical snow as well. and i was too young ot comprehend all things made new, but that is now the mantra i must live by, and one that is all to real to me now that my mind is different than it was 2 months ago. he is GOOD

  4. oh amy, this brought tears... thank you for renewing my perspective of the white that surrounds me; for helping me to see the holy. love you sister.

  5. Snow is amazing, the way it freshens our environment. Kind of like...