to search for the bff

girls are cheesy,
and sappy,
they giggle and use their emotions
to get what they want
this was my excuse,
growing up,
for shunning the close companionship
of my gender

and maybe the real reason was
i was cute
and having boys for friends was
much more beneficial
because they would do whatever i wanted
and if i called they would drive hours
to save me
from the negative situations i got myself into

but i learned i was manipulative,
and i met my  man,
and my real male friends became his friends more than mine,
as it should be,
and over time they married,
and i tried to make friends with their wives,
but i find it so hard to make good friends

and today
  nancy wrote a delightful post
and i adore it,
and her,
i want what she has,
in a friend,
i find myself longing,
my longing turning into determination,
and i will,
i must,
find myself a girl best friend...

any takers? :)


  1. i was going to write "me!" but then figured that might be slightly creepy. :) i grew up with mainly male friends, but then God blessed me with three very good girl friends in high school that have stuck with me. now they either live farther away or are very busy, but God has blessed me with two new friends, girls i can laugh and cry with. now one will be moving away and i am sad.

    p.s i really enjoy your writing. :)

  2. Oh, Amy--friend of my heart! I adore you, sister-friend. Your words always make the gospel a little more real, a little more true for me. Your words are a gift--just like friendship, just like you.

  3. I think that women in our culture are plagued by loneliness. We've got 1,000 Facebook friends, blogs, Twitter accounts, Bible studies, play-groups, ... even Pampered Chef parties.

    Yet many of us are lonely.

    I don't know. Maybe that's not your situation. But in any case, I think your longing for a "bff" sounds perfectly healthy and reasonable! All the best to you as you make new connections.