to delight in the after party

Not a present was under the tree,
the lights which had been shining brightly
for weeks
were neglected and not plugged in,
even the hearth was dark and ashy,
void of a fire's glow
there was no cocoa,
nothing baking,
no christmas carols playing throughout the house.

the day lay open before us,
no plans were had,
there was no one visiting and
no one to visit
it was just,
the day after christmas

while children played and baby slept,
a phone call made this mama wonder,
words spoken on the other end,
"do they feel the sadness,
now that the excitement is over?"

i question the meaning of this,
and more words come,
"you know,
after you unwrapped presents yesterday
came the boredom,
and today enters
the sadness..."

i muster up a small laugh,
while my mind ponders these ideas,
wondering if this is true,
does christmas end with boredom
and sadness
for people,
maybe even,
my own children,
young and precious,
have i failed to impart meaning into christmas,
what thoughts of importance have we cultivated
in our home?

through with the phone call,
desperate to know if they get it,
or if they are experiencing the boredom,
the sadness,
i find my young ones,
playing with new toys,
with daddy
and i sit down quietly,
not quite sure what to say,
and waves of uncertainty wash over me,
but i ask...

"are you guys sad that christmas is over?"

they look up at me with curious eyes,
smiles beaming brightly and i know
there is no sadness behind them
and an answer comes from six year old
"christmas isn't over mama.
it's always christmas.
the day of it that we get stuff is fun,
but after we get to play with our stuff,
and we get to remember Jesus
and love each other
and be nice
forever, so it's always

and i kiss his forehead,
leave them there playing
and whisper heart praise
to Him,
knowing they get it,
and together we can celebrate christmas

continuing to count my gifts...

it's always christmas
beautiful young ones who don't get bored or sad at the "end"
christmas dinner with my mama
two wonderful weeks with my little sister
God's constant provision, even when we can't see the way
being blessed
a husband who delights in play and guiding his children
the quiet moments, few though they may be...

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  1. oh, amy, thank you for this TRUE reminder...that everyday is Christmas. Christ with us! may you see Him in all, megan

  2. I love this! You write beautifully Amy!

  3. It's always Christmas. Words I try to live; words some of my dear ones are still struggling to believe and to own. Some sadness here at the end of the day, but so thankful for the One who came to earth to taste our sadness. Beautiful, Amy.

  4. What a joy when your children pour out words of understanding, words that go beyond parroting what you've taught them and show they've really embraced Him! Wonderful post Amy!

  5. Just found your blog, from contented sparrow, linked from holy experience. :) Thanks for this post. I've enjoyed playing your song list this morning as well. Many blessings to you and your family this coming year. Thanks again!

  6. beautiful, amy! my sentiments exactly.
    grace and peace to you as you live out Christmas everyday.

  7. Amy, you commented on my blog today and drew me here for the first time (don't you love community?) and I was moved...moved by your words that so echo mine and especially at your older post of failing Advent. And now I have (also for the first time) discovered the Imperfect Prose Thursdays and am excited to join! I hated poetry until my college professor introduced imperfet poetry to me. Since then it has been a constant journal to me. Thank you for your gifting today! I really needed it. From a fellow Amy!

  8. How beautiful! And so true. blessings..Trish

  9. I think a lot of people experience this after all of the hustle and bustle is gone.

    I read an article over at The High Calling, where a guy talked about the days leading up to Christmas—the anticipation is the best part of the season for him, not the day itself.

    I love the anticipation and the day's there after for the respice and the reflection, and I love watching my children enjoy big and small gifts alike. I just love the season...especially any season, particularly this and easter, where the world embraces Him even more...even if it is only a tad bit.

    Love your blog.