to be where everybody knows your name

the cold air slaps our faces
and mist from the nearby ocean showers down on us
the kids think it's raining
and we tell them otherwise

smells of the barbecue waft through downtown,
tri tip grilling overloads our senses,
and yet we walk on
and the kids ogle over various fresh fruits,
strawberries or
they cannot decide,
while i choose
bell peppers and avocados,
delighted to be here,
my home,
the thursday night farmer's market
i have not attended in years

and baby is on my chest in carrier,
while twins sit shell shocked in double stroller,
pushed by daddy,
six and eight year olds hold my hands,
frightened and yet in awe of this new environment,
while eldest walks in pace with the stroller,
and i'm sure we are a sight here,
but i don't care,
for i am home
and mist is washing over me,
wetting my face,
and i lick my lips and feel the moisture in
my mouth,
and peace just envelopes me...

we walk on,
my children amazed at
my stopping six times in twenty minutes
to hug
and talk to
people i know...
never have they seen their mother
know so many people
in a crowded public place,
and every time they ask,
who was that,
and every time i respond,
a friend...

my children have never known
so many friends

the place of friends,
and to raise my children here...

for this i am so grateful
to Him
this holiday season


  1. How rich. How sweet. Such grace in knowing and being known by friends. Soak up the blessings, friend, this Thanksgiving.

  2. Your grateful heart shimmers and shines in the farmers' market
    and with your children
    and in your words here ....

    Thank you for sharing the heart-place, where everybody knows your name.

    To be known and loved -- this is real Christian community, yes?