to be ever changing

heartache grabs hold of me,
i don't understand where it came from
or why
but i argue with my fickle self
about my fickle self

and just yesterday
i was floating
filled with such glee and
fearing nothing,
tossing aside the anxiety that threatened me,
trusting in Him

and where does it go?
oh, unfaithful self,
always wavering from contentment to want,
trust to fear,
peace to anxiety.

that i could look upon Him,
glorious and mighty,
loving and compassionate,
and i could stand strong...

oh fickle me,
oh Lord,
the antithesis of fickle,
always there,
always consistent,
everything there is to be grateful for
lies in You.

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  1. the fickle? yes, i know it, too.
    blessings to you as you battle.

  2. amy i relate to this post in a thousand ways. fickle, and hormonal, and depressed, and tired, and i ride high on sunday mountain top or ride low on tuesday's dirty dishes.
    hugs.... (ps it's really good to hear you writing again!!! i hope you're settling in well!!)

  3. Fickle and battling with you. I echo Misty--so good to see you hear and read your words. Blessings, Amy.

  4. but i argue with my fickle self
    about my fickle self

    I needed to come here today, for this speaks what is on my heart. THank you

  5. So thankful that he is faithful when we are faithless...

  6. It always amazes me how God, the antithesis of fickle could love someone as fickle and changing as I. I definitely struggle with you, thank you for sharing!

  7. me too! i realized how long it had been since i last wrote in my prayer journal(a couple of days) and was ashamed at my fickleness too. how faithful our God is and how good too, especially in light of our unsteadiness.

  8. You've captured the way so many of us feel. Beautifully written.

  9. I agree with Mama Zen...,
    Fickle is my middle name...
    And I love the way you put it

  10. the antithesis of fickle... this stung tears. our God is so faithful, and our faithlessness makes him all the more beautiful, no? he loves you so much sister. so much.

  11. I can relate...I so swayed by my circumstances sometimes. I'm so grateful that God is the antithesis of fickle. Beautiful words.

  12. emotions and fears and i am thankful that He is always steady and strong, while we are not. amd isn't that wonderful?

  13. And another one fickle with you here . . . stumbling and being picked up by Him over and over through this journey of faith on earth.

    Written so honestly . . . thank you for sharing.

  14. wise words.

    beautifully expressed heartaches of love...
    lovely prose.

  15. Remember, it's not always us. We have an enemy intent on robbing us of joy. But the battle's been won. Don't forget to wear your armor. xo