to smile and wave

he drove by and honked
and the bookworm and
the sensitive artist child were afraid,
leaping from their bikes like
a flock of birds scattering from
barging into the house,
squealing about this man whom
they didn't know,
always honking his horn
when they were outdoors,
their sweet games of
knights sword fighting,
brother and sister game of tag,
bike races,
bug hunting,
all they did outside
he noticed,
and they feared him... 

he, gray-haired and jolly faced,
they, young and too wary,
and he,
filled with joy at seeing
children be children,
not with their faces plastered to a screen,
not having their imaginations
stifled and
and they,
unsure of him,
ignoring him, running from

i always told them
to wave,
to smile,
but their childish ideas got the better of them,
and they hid
until the day they noticed
his house
for rent
and these two young ones
fearedthey had made him sad,
so sad,
he was moving away...

and so they began to watch for him,
to stop in the middle of play and
wave and
when he would drive by,
and they would proudly tell me,
"mama, we waved at
the honkerman!"

and i would tell them
how glad that made me

the autumn air was just beginning to crisp,
and our packing was barely
under way,
boys carrying heavy boxes to the garage,
i inside cleaning,
children outside playing,
i hear excited voices
coming in from the garage,
many little chitter chatters utterly
and i ask for just one voice,
so i can understand

and daddy's voice breaks in above the others,
a voice of reason in the midst of chaos,
he explains that dear old man,
the honkerman,
stopped by
with a treat for the young friends
who bring joy
into his everyday,
he tells he is moving,
and husband tells him we are too,
to california...
oh, the honkerman is surprised,
that is where i am going too...
and then he names the town he is moving to,
and my husband gasps,
it is the same town we are moving to,
shock settles on the both of them,
and they discover more,
we are moving to the same street!

and husband tells of the joy that overcomes
this beautiful elderly man,
as he catches his breath and tries 
to calmly say,
well, i guess maybe 
i will still get to wave to my
young friends.

and everyday since
he has gifted us with treats,
with comedy,
with companionship,
and yesterday he went on his way,
a thousand miles,
and we will join him in four days,
living in a little bit of paradise,
and bookworm and sensitive artist
cannot wait
to take him a love filled pie
on thanksgiving...

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  1. mysterious ways....that is almost too much to believe...smiles at honkerman...and how cool to brighten his day everyday...nice.

  2. No. Way. I have such goosebumps from reading this. Such beautiful grace in the wave of a honkerman.

    BTW--your stories are among several that prompted my post today. Jesus heals. It's true, isn't it?

  3. Happy tears...oh how sad our sin scarred world where we are afraid of one another...understandably so. This story brings hope. Love it.

  4. insightful words.
    God always inspires.
    keep your faith.
    enjoy the grace all of your place.

  5. how wonderful!
    What a blessing for your children and for honkerman!

  6. i am crying... God works in such mystery... and this dear honkerman, and the sweet hearts of your children... oh amy, you weave beauty in this. i think it's one of my favorites. love to you, sister-writer, and the way you bring joy to the world. xo

  7. Unbelievable! And, so wonderful.

  8. teary and blessed and amazed w/ the rest. i love that God provides. who's to say honkerman (love it! squee!) doesn't need y'all more than bookworm and artist need him now? i. love. this. post.
    oh amy, i can't believe y'all are moving! that's nuts. i pray it's smooth as possible but i already have faith b/cs an older man waits to wave and honk.

  9. wow! my eyes are teary! that is amazing and beautiful!

  10. How completely unexpected!? Isn't that so often the way though.

    Love the poem.

  11. Wow, that's incredible!!! God is good.