to seek in silence

tip-toeing up the stairs,
through the halls of the house,
so as not to wake the children,
six of them now,
sleeping softly,
two of them camping out on the floor...

and it's so quiet,
my eyes close to breathe it in,
and the silence is so loud,
i think i might even be able to hear

and i whisper soul cries to Him,
overwhelmed by silence,
by darkness,
and time passes,
i still feel heavy,
and wonder when He will thrust open the heavens
and rain His peace,
and His strength down upon me...

crawling into bed,
lonesome and tear-stained,
husband pulls me close and whispers
precious secrets,
while soft snores from
crib sleeping babe flow through the room,

and my heart slows,
and the tears dry up,
as His peace flows through me,
and calms my tempestuous soul,
knowing that His ways are perfect,
and He rarely chooses to meet us where we would
He does meet us,
in His ways...

so i thank Him today...

His peace which surpasses all understanding
knowing that His ways are perfect
six babes to fill this house
one husband to pull me close
friends from home visiting today, after not seeing them for two years
the scent of pumpkin permeating my house
things to hope for
new books to read
words to pour out on paper
never a dull moment

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  1. There's nothing like the Lord's presence in a quiet house, or a noisy one for that matter. :) Amy, I pray your week is blessed.

  2. Yes, the silence can be loud. This was so beautiful, so heartfelt. Praising God with you for husbands who pull close.

  3. i love the way you summon him through your quiet tears, the way you love on your six, and the way he draws you close. peace to you, friend. xo

  4. keep faith close,
    it survives you almost everything..
    u rock!

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    U Rock!