to see passion again...

she walks through the door of our house,
long blond hair flowing behind her,
incredibly beautiful and breathtaking,
he follows behind her,
bandana wrapped around his head,
tattoos covering his arms,
which make all thoughts of despair flee
plastered to their familiar faces

and she tells of her heart wrenching experiences,
just back from an around the world trip
with YWAM,
stories of the beauty of kenya,
sorrow in india,
poverty in cambodia
lack of hospitality, and God's enduring faithfulness
in rome...
and she is a masterpiece,
cannot speak without tears
forming in her eyes,
words pouring out praising Him,
in awe of Him,
of His hand moving in this broken world,
and confusion appears,
her soul cries out to help, to love,
and she longs to know why...

why we live in a land of plenty,
where people are overflowing with stuff,
which will rot and waste away,
and why there are shacks
baby defecates through the cracks in the floor
for they cannot afford diapers,
and two brothers arrested,
desperate to find work to care for their
siblings and grandparents,
sneaking into a land not their own,
the only land with work...

she doesn't understand,
and compassion bursts forth in her
and she is beautiful...

and he is quiet,
and watches her with such adoration
as she speaks,
and he,
who waited patiently while she was gone,
wonders how their lives will change,
she set on fire,
and he ignited by her passion,
and they ready to go
and do,
she wants to dance the steps of angels,
and he to play the music of love,
and they to serve God

they spend two days visiting us,
two days that were supposed to be
a few hours,
two days of

they tell us we bless them,
time spent with a family,
the love and joy of children,
and do they know it is them
that blesses us?
to hear their god drenched passion,
see His mighty hand move
in their lives,
did they know how we thirsted
for true fellowship,
how we were parched,
alone in the desert,
desperate for genuine prayer,
for family?

and He brought them to us,
for a taste,
for restoration,
and they are beautiful,
and He is beautiful...

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  1. and your post is beautiful, inspiring to see you inspired by younger believers. the reciprocal blessing is beautiful. what joy is found in the availing of our lives to one another . . the body. thank you.

  2. isn't true fellowship just... just so... so very great? it's satisfying, and yet it makes us yearn for more. i love it, love your post, love these people, love your thirst.

  3. that is how when you give to get so much back...and when you open your home to others as well it seems so much more...

  4. So so good. It's encouraging to hear God's people taking ground, with passion. This refreshed me, too.

  5. i love this, but it convicts hard, and makes me question too... i love how you see beauty in the broken and how you found church in this visit... and this, is a glimpse of heaven. you are beautiful. e.

  6. It sounds like they are off to a great start. I truly hope that they see and follow God's clear leading each and every step in life.

  7. like all the others, LOVE this post. for faith and love and open home and the giving of heart and self. and it IS convicting, and she w/ her broken heart and confusion is so right in all her whys. sigh. you are beautiful in your own compassion, too, friend.

  8. Amy this is so others lives,actions,and hearts can influence and touch our were a blessing to each glad you shared this on imperfect prose...i am inspired! :-)

  9. what a beautiful time with beautiful friends! i so feel the same way as your friend, all the "why's" you wrote about...and i've never even been out of america, just have read many books about the world around us and what is going on. i want to help, to give myself up, but have no idea how to go about it that would actually be a help to those less fortunate while i get to live with a roof over my head, food daily, clothes, etc. it really bothers me at times.

    anyways, i'm so glad to have found this blog amy! i love your writings and so wish ya'll lived near us. i think we'd have a great time being the church together :)

  10. another award winning prose,
    you are fabulous giver.
    keep the loving coming!